Wednesday, 1 May 2013


It's the first of May, and therefore the first day of Me-Made-May which is the inspiration of Zoe who wants stitchers to take up a personal challenge to wear stuff they've made.  (there's are literally hundreds of us!) 
I am intending to wear a self-made  stitched or knitted garment each day, (or if I get really stuck, maybe an item of jewellery) and take photos and blog about it whenever I get the chance.
I have to say, not having someone on hand to take the photos makes it a little tricky, but I've worked out how to take a self-timed photo on my camera, and I think I've managed to find a shelf at roughly the right height on which to balance the camera.  Of course, it means re-organising the furniture and tidying my lounge on a daily basis so not sure how long that will last.
Today I'm wearing a straight skirt from a pattern I self-drafted from my own block, made in black and white spotted corduroy, with a black T-shirt that I painted/printed myself with fabric paint.
Note - photo has been cropped to exclude the view through the open door to my untidy kitchen, but to include the picture I painted and the cushion I made.  
Sorry, no one likes a smarta**e.

Mayday - The Libertines