Friday, 3 May 2013

Don't Go Back To Dalston

Day 3, and I'm still with the MeMadeMay thing.  I didn't go overboard yesterday, as my only outing was to walk into town to donate blood, which is not an occasion I tend to dress up for, just in case it ends up in carnage.   
So a self-drafted T-shirt, made up in some slightly tacky synthetic jersey fabric covered in what looks like little foreign advertising posters. Not to everyone's taste maybe, but I love it.  So much so, that's it's one of the few MeMade items that gets worn regularly - as does the knitted denim jacket, although that's not strictly Me Made.  It was mostly knitted by my friend Lucy, who didn't want to finish it as she knew she wouldn't wear it and didn't like the yarn anyway, so she offered it to me.  
I gratefully accepted, and all I had to do was knit two cuffs, and two pocket flaps and sew it together, and it was mine!  I ended up not sewing the pocket flaps on. They were a bit too..... flappy.  

Today, I'd arranged to meet a friend in Dalston, to take her to the Dalston Mill Fabric shop, so I decided to be a bit bolder in my choice of garment.  I finally wore a skirt I'd made well over a year, or maybe two years ago and have never worn - which is one of the reasons I'm doing this challenge in the first place.
I don't know why I've always got my hand on my hip in the photos.  I think maybe because I've seen Mrs Beckham do it and it makes her look skinny.  Doesn't seem to work so well for me.  Must be the camera.

Don't Go Back To Dalston - Razorlight


  1. I think the jacket still counts as a me made as you did contribute!
    All that fabric looks interesting and hope the blood letting was concluded satisfactorily!

  2. I think you should get a bonus point for drafting the pattern as well as making the skirt/T-shirt! Very impressive.

  3. All I can say is how glamourous you look since you started this memademay thing. The skirt looks fab.