Saturday, 18 May 2013

Half Way There

Well, we're over half way through MeMadeMay and so far, so good.  And, although I haven't  got photographic evidence for every day, I promise I've worn at least one thing I've made everyday - usually at least two, if you include jewellery.  Anyway, this was Thursday -

the MeMade garment being the skirt I made from upholstery fabric samples that someone gave me ages ago.  It was never meant to be a REAL skirt, it was just to check the fit of the self-drafted pattern, but I liked it, so now its a skirt.
I wore it to my first meeting of the Creative Club at the Creative Sanctuary .  It was a great way to spend an afternoon, hosted by the lovely Angela in her beautiful shop.  There must have been 20-odd women (perhaps I'd better re-word that as 20+ women to avoid giving unintended offence!), all busy knitting and stitching and crocheting, drinking tea and eating homemade cake.  At this particular meeting, there was the added bonus of a really interesting and inspirational talk from Erica Knight, the knitwear designer and author of dozens of knitting and crochet books.  
She showed her new collection of yarns, and as hard as I tried to resist (as you know I'm not meant to be buying anymore stuff until I've used what I've got) I was compelled to buy some pink furry wool to make a luxurious fur collar.  
Oh, and I was even more pleased with my skirt when Erica said she loved my skirt and when I thanked her and mentioned that I'd made it, she said that she'd intended to ask me where I bought it!  How's that for a compliment?
While I was there, I started on a crochet project for a cover for the round wooden stool in my kitchen
from the Granny Squares book by Susan Pinner.  Hopefully, it will look a bit like the picture in the book  ...
although I'm not sure my colours are quite so soft and subtle.  Quelle Surprise!
My other self-stitched item that day was my project bag - if Ann Summers made knitting bags, they'd surely look like this -
On Friday I wore a refashioned charity shop skirt - when I bought it, it had a weird flappy bit at the back hem, and some nasty pink net underneath, attached to the lining, but I soon got rid of that and shortened it and now it looks like this ....
And finally, as Mum and Dad were visiting, and I remembered the whole photograph thing, I got Mum to take a photo of me in my garden, wearing the black and white spotty corduroy skirt.  A bit far away, but it gives me the opportunity to flash a bit of my garden.
I just wish it would warm up a bit - I've got all these summer dresses lined up for an airing but they don't look quite the same with a long sleeved thermal vest underneath.
Half Way There - Inspiral Carpets


  1. Nice way to spend Thursday afternoon. Well done on the Memakes.Sorry you missed Friday.

  2. I love your 'Ann Summers' knitting bag :)