Thursday, 9 May 2013

Let's Make It Up

I spent most of last Saturday and Sunday gardening.  Sadly, when I'm gardening,  I don't look like the ladies in Country Living magazine - wandering around in a floral frock and a sun hat, snipping away at a little gentle dead-heading, and picking beautiful blooms for my immaculately styled eight bedroom cottage.  
No, I end up windblown, red faced and sweaty, and tend to get my hands, and everything else come to that, very grubby.  Hence, my 'Me Mades' were a refashioned Kiss T-shirt, followed by an old "Me Printed" one,  so no photos, you'll be glad to know.  
However, Bank Holiday Monday lunchtime, I went out to meet Viv and Kevin from Art Van Go at a local pub so I put on a new Me Made frock, a Tiramisu dress from Cake Patterns
The pattern went together beautifully, and it fits well, with the mock wrap bodice crossing at just the right level for me, and I will definitely make it again, but although I like it, I can't help thinking it's a bit "Mumsy" on me.  I'm not sure if it's the fabric  - which wasn't bought for this project, I just used it because it happened to be in my stash and I thought it would work as a try-out,  so I suppose this is more of a 'wearable muslin' - or maybe it's the length.  I did make it a few inches longer than the pattern said, but maybe it would be better if I hadn't.  Or maybe it's the styling.  I think I'd like it more with a denim jacket and boots.  It's probably suitable for a woman of my years, but it just doesn't feel like me - my motto is "Better mutton dressed as lamb, than mutton dressed as mutton".
Anyway, I will definitely make it again, maybe in black and with long sleeves.  And wear it with a biker jacket.  And tattoos.
Part of the trouble is, whenever I wear dresses and shoes, instead of jeans and boots,  I feel like I've been going through the dressing up box and I've gone out as somebody else.

Anyway, on Tuesday I went back to jeans, and a Me Made black gingham shirt. 
Not only did I make the shirt, but I also dyed the buttons myself - previously posted  here and I made my necklace.
Apologies for the blurry photos, I kept telling my mate Jane that she was zooming too close, but she wouldn't listen.
Yesterday was Spectrum textile group, and I wore a skirt that I made from free fabric that I've had for years
with a little felt flower brooch I made.  And, although I was in a skirt and shoes, I felt a bit more like me.  Oh, and I made cake too, which tasted, well just like cake - but I forgot to take a photo.

Let's Make It Up - Dave Stewart and Mick Jagger


  1. I'm really hoping this doesn't come across as a bit weird, but if I had legs as lovely as yours I think I'd never wear long skirts. As it is ...

    I think your dress is lovely. It's a style I often buy for myself (but then I am definitely more mumsy than rock chick ;-) and I coud be very tempted to have a go at making my own now I've seen yours. Lubberly.

  2. Anything I say after that lovely comment from Dottycookie is going to sound rude so I might as shut up now!
    p.s. all the dress needs is a denim jacket!

  3. I think the dress is great but agree with you about the length, it would make a great tunic to wear with leggings or woolly tights.Well done with Me Made May I'm very impressed.

  4. doesn't look mumsy to me, it looks fresh and cheerful. Although I can see the need for 'doc martins' and biker jacket... and a big pink bow in your hair :)