Wednesday, 22 May 2013

It May Be Spring But I Still Need a Coat

On Monday I wore this skirt again, 
with a plain black top, and red shoes, but forgot to take a photo.  
On Tuesday I went to see a man about a job, and I thought perhaps I should dress a LITTLE bit like a grown up, so I wore the ancient black pinafore over a L/S grey top with little birds on it.
And today I went to meet a friend in Great Dunmow for a catch up, combined with a potter around the charity shops, followed by tea and cake, so I wore the  pink spotty frock.  I have, however, chopped 10cm off the hem, which, together with the 're-styling'  has made it a bit less mumsy and bit more me.
Although I still look a bit of a porker in it. And that was BEFORE we had cake.  Oh, and don't let the photo fool you - although I appear to be warm enough in just a cardie, I have only whipped my coat off for the photo and I put it on immediately afterwards.  Will it ever be warm again???

It May Be Spring But I Still Need A Coat - The Webb Sisters


  1. Dear Miss Porky... I'd just like to say that you look very slim and glam in that first photo and the fabric in that skirt is far more you than pink polka dots! (And what man about a job???)

  2. You look lovely and I love the pinafore.

  3. Great piccies. Love your skirt. What a lovely shape. And love the ' pretty ' dress with boots, though as you say shame you still have to cover it all up with a coat!

  4. Ps just been checking back on some of your makes. They are awesome and how many! Loved some of the patterns have ordered them for me and my daughter. Thanks for the info.