Sunday, 5 April 2009

More daffodils - they're real, but the apples aren't - they are wooden and made by my Dad - woodturner to the stars!

And obviously these aren't real either - they are the knitted flowers I made at a workshop at Cottenham in February (for all those who say I never finish anything!)

And talking of finishing things, I recently bought a ball of this pink bobbly yarn .........

And I just finished making it into this scarf.....

It was fairly quick to knit - I just had to fiddle around with needle sizes until I could fit two stitches between the bobbles. It feels lovely and soft, but it's probably going to be put away until next winter - it's very warm.
I've been doing some more sitting for a couple of art classes - this is becoming a bit of a habit.

They are both brilliant, but then they ARE the work of the tutors!
Today I have spent most of the day in the garden - my back is sore, my arms are scratched, my fingernails are shot to pieces, and I've got gardener's hands - but the garden is looking lovely.

And finally - I'll end with a heart, newly repotted and lightly trimmed.Let's hope this weather continues over the Easter weekend too!


  1. Is this a family trait to make items that appear edible but are not? The apples are amazing! You seem to have made better progress in your garden than I did in my mine!

  2. I love your scarf.
    The two pictures of you are good, the first one captures you very well.
    Nice to see you haven't been baking. It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one:-)
    Happy Easter.