Thursday, 23 April 2009

More non-edible food!

Had a lovely day yesterday at a workshop at Art and Stitch. I took my friend Jane as an early birthday present for her forthcoming **th birthday (I don't want to upset her, I need all the friends I can get!) We had a bit of an initial hiccup as we got slightly lost in Peterborough, but when we rang for directions one of the very nice ladies at the shop told us to stay where we were and she'd come and find us! She arrived about five minutes later and we followed her. By the time we arrived, (only five minutes late) we were crying with laughter - is this what we've become, having to be rescued and led in to a sewing workshop??? Not very "Thelma and Louise" is it? Anyway, despite a slightly anxious start, we had a brilliant day, with good company and an excellent teacher (who also happens to be my baby Sis) Here's Jane receiving personal tuition...

Although we all started with the same kits and and instructions, all of the finished results were very different, but equally beautiful, and everyone enjoyed the day. AND, as the chocolates were inedible, we each were given little goodie bags with the real things to enjoy through the day.
Here are the finished results ...

And these are mine ....I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that I am still a couple of chocolates short of a box!

So big thanks to Angela and Pam at Art and Stitch, to my sister for showing us how to make the beautiful sweeties, and to Jane and the rest of the girls for being such good company. A lovely way to spend a day!
Oh, and also a big thank you to my Mum, who asked my sister to pass on this pressie of a lovely little tin of cardboard shapes to do 'arty stuff' with.

And to top it all - we managed to find our way home, without incident, AND I got to Stanstead in time to collect my Handsome Friend from his travels.


  1. You've beat me to it! It was a fabulous day... I've already made another chocolate this morning! Glad you found your way out of Peterborough!

  2. please thank you sister for a lovely workshop and for being so generous with all her knowledge and supplies.Kirsty and I
    had a really relaxing enjoyable day.Really pleased with the results.

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. All the chocolates look lovely I wish I had made some myself.