Sunday, 19 April 2009

Easter and beyond

Oh dear, it's been a while since my last blog - don't really know where the time goes, but I have had a busy couple of weeks. Had a lovely Easter weekend - thankfully no chocolate (horrible stuff!) but these beautiful flowers from my handsome friend instead. So much nicer, and I am still enjoying them. And, let's be honest, there isn't much chance that chocolate would still be knocking about a week later, is there?

I spent one day before Easter at a friend's house, making felt. She made sensible things like bags, and I amused myself making felt "beads" of various sizes. And yes, of course they were deliberately in different sizes! Anyway, I came home and made this ...

A tiny bit scratchy, but what's a few red weal marks around the neck when you're making a fashion statement. AND when I went shopping in St Albans, a sales assistant complimented the necklace and asked me where I'd bought it!

Then, whilst in a jewellery-making mood, I made this chain maille bracelet with coloured jump rings from a kit, I bought ages ago from Beadsisters

It looks complicated but the instructions were really easy to follow.On Wednesday I went to the V & A to see the "HATS, An Anthology by Stephen Jones" I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in hats or fashion. Obviously, if you don't like hats, there are probably days out that you'd enjoy more! It was a beautiful day and we sat outside for coffee and watched everyone enjoying the sunshine.

Had another day in London on Friday, meeting up with a mate from Birmingham for lunch and a bit of shopping, then Leyton Orient on Saturday (they lost). Only one more game this season, then every Saturday off for a few months. How WILL I cope???

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  1. Very professional looking jewellery! I made a felt necklace like that for a friend for her birthday and I've never seen her wear it. Perhaps she didn't like to tell me it was scratchy!