Monday, 23 March 2009

Another beautiful sunny week - had a great day at City and Guilds working with Fibre DK aka Lutrador, and sheer fabrics- AND I've been working on my homework ever since.
On Thursday I got my oven fixed, so there'll be no stopping me now. Apparently the element needed to be replaced, and the Mr Fixer who sorted it suggested that it was lack of use that was the problem. Oh really, I'll bear that in mind. If it goes again, I'll give up on the whole 'oven' business and it can become another kitchen cupboard. In the afternoon, I decided to cycle to Stapleford to my beading class. I allowed an hour, and arranged a couple of pitstops if needed, but I obviously grossly underestimated my level of fitness, as I got there in half an hour. Maybe I should put my name down for one of the cycling events in 2012??? Anyway, I whiled away the extra half hour by riding along the footpath by the river.
Friday I was pottering in the garden, and gave my lawn the first cut. Was pleasantly surprised when my lawnmower started on the first pull - previously I have had to resort to the Basil Fawlty method, by speaking to it very sternly and kicking it.
Today, we went for a lovely walk along the river, in the sunshine, and without a coat!
And to think that only a few weeks ago we were knee deep in snow. Ok, maybe not knee deep...


  1. Isn't it amazing what a couple of sunny days does to your disposition. Sadly it also shows the amount of dust and cleaning required. :) Wendy

  2. Just udating your tutorial notes.... "Working on homework ever since...." ;)

  3. Ok the snow wasn't knee deep but it should have been the amount of trouble it caused! It seems so long ago now the suns shinning and the spring flowers are up. I'll forward you an application form for the 2012 cycling, I'm entering the high jump :)