Sunday, 8 March 2009

So many jobs, so little time

Goodness, nearly two weeks - it HAS been really busy. Just a quick run through of what I've been up to - last Friday I saw "Whole Lotta Led", a great tribute band , with my two friends Tony (I described it as a Two Tone evening, but they groaned, so I won't bother mentioning that on here). Saturday I went to Flatford Mill and Dedham for a walk and lunch - recognise this?

It's the location for Constable's Haywain. Maybe I could paint my own version - and it could be ex-Constable's Haywain???

Then I became a domestic goddess for a day on Monday and did a thorough spring clean and made lemon curd. Yeah me! - made lemon curd. It's edible and everything!!!

Tuesday I sat for a local art class (fully clothed, I hasten to add!) - the students produced what can only be described as "varied" renditions of me. Some I think are very flattering, and those artists will continue to be on my Christmas card list .....

And then there were the rest; I think it's always interesting to see how others see you .....

Hmmmm. I appear to have many and varied personas, ranging from Eliza Doolittle through to an old hag from a Grimms Fairytale, via a bashed-in crab. And in one I bore more than a passing resemblance to Little Steven from Bruce Springsteen's East Street Band (and The Sopranos) Nice.
Anyway, to continue - Wednesday I worked at Art Van Go - obviously I need to earn some cash to pay for the urgently required facial surgery and then on Thursday, I braved the art class for a second time (some people never learn, and after the counselling, and then booking the facelift, and nose job, I'm actually starting to feel much better about myself).

In the afternoon I went up to town, and had a walk in the sunshine in St James Park

This is one of my favourite views - I love the contrast of the old and new architecture - The London Eye seen above the roofs at Wellington Barracks.

Then I went on to the Mall Galleries to see the work of the Prism group at the exhibition entitled "Headlines". Really beautiful and varied work, including beautiful graphic stitched pieces from Gina Ferrari - (see her photos of her exhibits at and also Ruth Issett, who just happened to be coming in as I was leaving, so I went back and had a coffee with her and talked her into having her photo taken with her work - as always such great zingy colour

And, talking of colour, it's time I went down to my studio and did some work ....


  1. LOL - loving the art work! I once posted portraits of me that my kids had drawn - they still make me laugh now. In fact maybe I'll get them to do up to date ones, to compare and see how much I've aged?!

    Lovely photos as ever. Take care. x

  2. This post has had me crying with laughter! Call me sad but I thought "two tone" and "ex-constable" were funny enough. Then I was admiring the portraits (the third one in pencil is fabulous)until I scrolled down to the fourth one and I just about wet myself! Needs to practise I think! Thanks for the link!

  3. I thought the pictures would raise a smile! Never let it be said I can't laugh at myself.

  4. How interesting to see all the variations of those drawings of you, your view of your resemblence to little steven made me howl!