Monday, 23 February 2009

I hardly spent anything ........

On Thursday, my friend Jill and I had a table at a local craft fair in aid of the Zoo Cafe Drop in Centre. Unfortunately not many visitors, so no one sold very much, but it was in a good cause and we enjoyed the day (and I've now got hundreds of hand made cards available to me!

Really enjoyed the Textiles in Focus exhibition at Cottenham this weekend. On Friday I went up as a worker, assisting Viv on the Art Van Go stand - we were really busy all day and I was glad Sally was on hand to help when Viv went off to run a workshop in the afternoon. The following day I went as a visitor (although I did end up working for a bit in the midday rush) and did a workshop in the morning called "Licenced to Frill" run by this lady who showed us how to knit flowers with ruffled edges (watch this space)
I met up with my sister for lunch and we had a good look round the show, and made one or two purchases (Can't say how much we bought or what we spent - you never know who might be reading this and we don't want to get told off!) but we had a lovely time. If you've never been to the Textiles in Focus show, and are in reasonable travelling distance of Cottenham (nr Cambridge) you really should think about going next year. See the Art Van Go blog for more information, and photos of some of the wonderful exhibitions that were there.
On the way home there was the most amazing sunset that seemed to last for ages with beautiful pinks reds and oranges and clouds that turned purple.
I stopped the car when I could and took these photographs, not great scenery, but I was in the car on the A10!

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  1. Was good to see you at Cottenham Gill... funny, I hardly spent anything either!