Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Where did you get that hat?

On Sunday, despite the biting winds and impending blizzards, I threw caution to the winds and walked along the tow path from Hertford to Stanstead Abbotts. It was very cold, but I had knitted myself a very nice pink hat with bobbles all over to keep my ears warm, and I'd dressed in lots of layers so that was ok, plus I knew that we were going to have lunch when we got there. After a very pleasant lunch, on the way back, the sun came out, and whilst it wasn't warm, the wind was behind us so was much more pleasant. I suppose the glass of wine might have helped too. Just as well the sun had come out, because after a couple of hours wear, the pink hat had stretched beyond all recognition, and came down over my eyes, so in the end I gave up and took it off. That'll teach me not to knit a tension square. Anyway, on the walk back, as we approached Ware, I saw a house a thought I recognised, and I realised that I had previously painted it. (I don't mean up a ladder with a tin of emulsion, I mean at my painting class, when the teacher had brought some photos along). So I took a photo and then I came home and dug the paintings out. At least I recognised the house!

This is my version in watercolours -

And this is a moody one in acrylics -(weather vane looks a bit on the Aunt Ciss, but perhaps they've had it repaired since!)Anyway, it was a lovely walk of about ten miles, so I felt quite self-righteous for the rest of the day. Just as well I had some exercise on Sunday, because on Monday morning, like most of the country, I woke up to snow, and decided to stay in for most of the day. I unravelled and reknitted the pink hat, on smaller needles, so it fits now. When I mentioned to Pam (who had given me the pattern) about it stretching, she said that hers had done that too. Thanks for the pre-warning then Pam!

No more snow overnight, and they do say it will thaw today, but doesn't my studio look pretty in the snow?
I even ventured down there and pottered for an hour or so, painting some bondaweb and a charity shop frame for one of my paintings. The Leyton Orient game has been cancelled this evening because of the weather, which is a bonus for me, but I just hope the snow has cleared sufficiently for me to get to class tomorrow. Mainly because I've done the homework.


  1. Great hat! Like your paintings too.

  2. Brilliant hat, and even more brilliant paintings. x

  3. The hat looked lovely on you today. Your paintings are very good.I wish I could paint like that.

  4. The paintings are great Gill... you must show me some more when I come round next... that's when you can fit me in to your hectic schedule!
    And why don't you post that photo of you wearing the hat?!