Monday, 16 February 2009

I can't believe it's been over a week since my last post - where does the time go? Despite the snow I managed to get to City and Guilds last week, where we did colour mixing with stitch - and the bonus of not much homework to do as I finished most of it in class. That evening I went to a Knit and Wine meeting (or should that be Knit and Whine?) at a local pub in town. We nearly got mixed up with the Reptile group, who meet in the same pub on the same night. I was a bit concerned, and thoroughly checked my knitting bag for poisonous snakes when I got home. Anyway, the knitters seemed like a really nice group, and as long as I can lay my hands on some snake venom antidote, we'll be going again next month.
I had my student nurse niece staying for a few days last week (not connected with the previous paragraph, unfortunuately she hasn't covered snake bites yet). We had a lovely few days, we made earrings, went shopping and watched countless episodes of Friends. Oh, and she did LOADS of studying too of course.
Yesterday I ran a birthday party for five 8 year old girls. It was a pledge I made for a fundraising auction at the local cricket club. We did silk painting and jewellery making and here are their results -

I think their silk paintings all turned out brilliantly. They had tea (obviously I had nothing to do with the catering side of things!) and then we made bracelets with memory wire. I forgot to photograph those until most of the girls had gone, but here are two of them -

They all seemed to enjoy themselves, and so did I. Not sure I'd want to organise kid's parties for a living though.
Oh, and just in case you thought it would never happen - the Mighty O's beat Crewe 1-0 on Saturday. Not that anyone is interested, but I thought I should mention their victory, as well as their failures.


  1. The silk paintings and bracelets are gorgeous. Well done you! I really like the sound of a knit and wine evening and the addition of reptiles makes it sound really interesting!

  2. What a nice pledge you made. The results speak for themselves, a good time was obviously had by all.

  3. Those silk paintings are fabulous! I did bangle-making with beads and memory wire at a school fete one year - it went very well, the kids love it, don't they?