Thursday, 29 January 2009

Little things .....

Just to prove that I eventually DID finish my City and Guilds homework in time - here's the proof - I made a concertina book to display my texture samples.

I was full of good intention to come home and do this week's homework straight away, but I hadn't bargained on having a really bad cold which has since turned into a cough, and I didn't feel like doing anything for a few days, although I did manage a little gentle 'colouring in' whilst watching Midsomer Murders yesterday afternoon. (I was ill, ok!)
I feel more or less back to normal (whatever that is) today, and as it was quite bright and sunny I went to assist my friend's husband who was cutting back some trees in my garden. He decided to light a bonfire, to get rid of the branches, and I saw the opportunity to do some serious cutting back and get rid of the rubbish on the bonfire. He packed up at lunch time, but I was so full of enthusiasm that I stayed out pruning and hacking back for another couple of hours. I've never had a bonfire of my very own before - I didn't realise it would be such fun. I even considered breaking up furniture just to give me something else to burn. (Only joking!) I sent my sister a text message with a picture of the fire and she texted back "Where are you?" Like I'm gonna start fires in other people's gardens?!?!?
Anyway, I rang her, and she was equally excited by the fact that she has had a great response to her request in her local newsletter for old buttons. So, while other women may need to have a weekend at an exclusive health spa, or treat themselves to a pair of Jimmy Choo's - just give me and little sis a bonfire or an old button jar, and we're as happy as Larry.


  1. The thought of you lighting fires in other peoples garden made me laugh out loud! Glad you're feeling better.

  2. You can light a fire in my garden if you like!

  3. I'm glad your feeling better. Your Texture book was lovely. Are we all coming to yours for bonfire night then?