Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sunset and sunrise

Back to Leyton Orient again on Saturday - wrapped up very warm as it was so cold last week. However, there were a lot of concerns about the pitch which was still frozen and after numerous pitch inspections, and what at times appeared to be an outdoor cocktail party, with various groups of blokes looking very intent and talking earnestly about not very much, they decided to call the game off. Which meant a bit of an early day for me, although not as early as you'd expect.
Must have been a disappointment for all the Sheffield fans who had travelled down en masse to see their team (presumably) win.
On the plus side, Orient didn't lose, and I get to go and work an extra day for the re-scheduled game. And, leaving a bit earlier, I was able to catch a 'romantic sunset over Leyton' shot.
On Sunday I went for a lovely long walk around Tewin, and although it was really cold, it was a beautiful day and at least my boots didn't get muddy as the ground was frozen. Saw this lovely little bridge with interesting reflections in the water. Maybe I'll paint it.

I'd never noticed this before - a horseshoe horse in the car park opposite Card Inspirations barn. Not sure if it's new or if I just haven't seen it because I'm not usually walking.
Woke up yesterday morning to a light covering of snow, and it was very icy, so decided to stay in all day and potter. Made a serious start on C&G homework, and I'm going to continue today. I seem to be making a bit of a meal of it - I must stop procrastinating. (But not yet). Full of good intentions, it's now 8.30am and I'm up, showered and dressed, I've cleaned the bathroom and put some washing on. And, as I had a 'sunset over Leyton' I thought I'd also include a 'sunrise over Hertford'.

I must say, I thought all the settings on my camera were a bit of a gimmick, but changing it to the 'sunset' setting made a real difference, so you learn something every day. That's me done - now I'm going to start work!


  1. The photo of the bridge is particularly beautiful. Can we see the painting, if you do paint it? Please? x

  2. Love the Bridge photo with the ghostly reflections!