Friday, 2 January 2009

I said I'd be back!

Right, I've got a bit more time now, and I've sorted out the pictures from my camera. I had a lovely Christmas, spent the 25th with some friends locally, then worked at Leyton Orient on Boxing Day - very cold, and yes, I'm afraid they lost again - 2-1 to Swindon. Then on the Saturday I went up to Norfolk to see my family, and for more eating and drinking. I had my presents up there when I arrived, and look at the beautiful chocolates I got from my sister! At first I thought they were real, but closer inspection revealed that they were made from felt, beautifully stitched and beaded.
On the back she had printed a label which says -
"Ever Felt Like Chocolates"
Original no calories, eye candy. Produced in a home where nuts are consumed (almost daily)
Suitable for allergy sufferers. Absolutely no sell by/use by date. Felt sourced throughout Norfolk/E Bay. No animals were harmed in the production of these chocolates, just stroked."
I think they are just brilliant. Then my other present from her was a voucher for a day's workshop making felted bags with a lady in Surrey - how lovely. I told my sister that clearly she likes to make her presents felt. (Think about it)
I had lots of other lovely presents too - a Bird Feeder unit which I have put together and installed at the bottom of the garden so I can see it from my Studio, and lots of 'heart' related goodies - a hand made book, teatowels, a "Gilly Pink" candle holder & make up bags all with hearts on. Then I got some cupcake related presents - a pink glass cake plate, muffin cases and pink and purple sparkly stuff to sprinkle on iced cakes - see, everyone knows that I've turned into Nigella now! And of course, NY resolution related presents - a revolving cutting mat and machine embroidery threads to do my homework, and a guitar tuition book as this is the year that I really will learn to play. You heard it hear first!
On the Sunday as it was such a beautiful day (although VERY cold) we went for a walk at Sandringham. I just had to take a picture, it looks like a summer's day - well, if you ignore the fact that the trees don't have any leaves. We saw the Royals arrive for church - or to be more precise, we saw their cars - we were in the coffee shop by that time, warming up. And at least we'd had a walk - they didn't even do that and the church is only in the bottom of their garden!

Sunday evening we had yet more food at my sister's and my nephew brought his Wii (I think that's how you spell it. Here is my Dad snowboarding (and he hadn't even had a drink!) I've told him there's no way we are buying him one for his 81st birthday this month.
On Monday I went shopping with my niece to find a top for her to wear New Years Eve - an unsuccessful shopping trip - I hate the sales, everywhere looks like a jumble sale. So neither of us bought anything. As we walked past a closed and empty Woolworths, all the staff climbed into the window and started waving at passers by. I still think it's a real shame about Woolies - my first job and all that. And more importantly - what is life without Pick'n'Mix??

Anyway, I'm back at home now, I had a quiet New Years Eve with Jools Holland and a relaxing day yesterday, although I got lots of stuff done and tidied. I watched one of my favourite films - 'Pollyanna', (oh come on, I was doing the ironing at the same time so I don't have to feel guilty!) and anyone who knows the film will understand why I had to take this picture of rainbows dancing in my bedroom this morning!

Right, off for a walk and then to do some homework. Definitely!


  1. It sounds as though you had a wonderful xmas. Those chocolates are gorgeous. At least they are ever lasting.
    I did some homework last night the trouble is Iv'e still got lots more to do. See you soon.

  2. Oh my - those felt choccies are absolutely beautiful. Your sister could earn a fortune selling those on Etsy!

    Happy New Year to you and yours, from me and mine.


  3. What a wonderful way to lose weight - I'm sure your sister could sell her chocs to Weight Watchers and make a fortune. Well done to your Dad for having a go on the Wii snowboard. Good luck with your homework and Happy New Year.

  4. Love those chocolates - they're fabulous! (You done that homework yet?)

  5. I don't believe it, no wonder we get on so well. Pollyanna is one of my favs too!... Homework, what homework.!!

  6. The chocolates are wonderful,
    I love Pollyanna, sat eating chocolate while I watched so I suppose I should be feeling guilty, but hey it was the holidays