Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Apron Strings

A last couple of pre-Christmas makes.  As I am as far from being a Domestic Goddess as it's possible to get, obviously I didn't make the Christmas cake, I bought one from a supermarket beginning with S.  But I DID marzipan and ice it - that way you can have the icing as thick as you like, cos that's obviously the best bit.
Ditto the chocolate log, which is my favourite bit of festive food.  Sorry Mum, I know you've spent years slaving away in the kitchen to produce the perfect Christmas dinner - and I DO enjoy it - but I'd probably have been just as happy with a bowl of chocolate butter cream.
So, here's my cake, topped with silvery glitter stars .....
and before you ask - yes it IS edible glitter.  I'm not that daft.
And here is my chocolate log, displayed by me wearing my new Christmas pinny.  

I bought this delicious fabric from Creative Sanctuary several months ago.

I was sorely tempted to buy enough to make a dress just like the one the Doris Day lookalike is wearing, but (a) I'm not sure that I could have justified all that time and effort into making a dress that would be worn on one day of the year and (b) my waist is not quite the same as hers (that'll probably be years of Royal Icing and Chocolate buttercream).  
Anyway, when I rediscovered the fabric in my stash on Saturday, I rapidly rustled up an apron, complete with gingham ties and pocket, and trimmed with ricrac.
After all, there's no reason why a 'Can't Cook Won't Cook' shouldn't dress up as a 'Domestic Goddess' at Christmas.
Have a good one xx

Apron Strings - Marty Wilde


  1. A perfect "Chrimbo Goddess" outfit, complete with icing and buttercream! Most excellent fodder for the festive season.
    Nom nom nom!
    Have a good 'un!
    Z xx

  2. I'm with you on the buttercream. And the marzipan and icing, actually. Don't really care for fruit cake but I make it as a vehicle for almond paste! Now why haven't we ever made a Yule log though?

  3. F A B! Hope you've had a great day.

  4. Amazebobs well done you...Happy xmoose. x

  5. Very lovely Christmas outfit... you certainly look like a domestic godess!

  6. So glad it's not just me that decides to make things late in the day when there are plenty of other things to do....hope you had a great Christmas!