Sunday, 1 December 2013

I Started Something I Couldn't Finish

I decided that I've got far too many half-finished projects on the go, so I made up my mind I was going to finish a few things before starting anything else.
Firstly, I finished my final Summer/Festival 'round robin' piece in plenty of time for our Spectrum meeting on Wednesday.  Sue started  it with some coloured bunting stitched on plain white fabric, then Gina added black and white flowers and lettering with a Sharpie pen.  I'm afraid I forget who it was passed to next - but the mystery stitcher appliqued and stitched some coloured flowers, and also coloured the lettering in with a red pen.  
My task was to make it into a finished piece.  I decided to make it into a mini quilt and backed it with thin wadding, and a black and white floral cotton fabric.  I was going to bind it with red gingham, but my Mum thought it drew your eye away from the stitching, and she was right, so I used some batik fabric.  I would have finished it all in a day, had it not been for the fact that I managed to do myself a minor injury and sliced my finger open with some enthusiastic use of a rotary cutter (I'm not really a quilter)
Yesterday I started and finished a project.  Sounds quite impressive, but it was a Young Embroiderers' project - Gina had us making felt decorations, and the girls all finished at least two each.
Mine is the Christmas Tree with coloured buttons on the far right.  I think they all look lovely - the girls just get on with the stitching without any real assistance from us.  Gone are the days when we have to thread needles with an already soggy bit of embroidery floss.

Then I remembered I hadn't actually finished our last Young Embroiderers' project from a couple of months ago, so today I rooted around and found that.  Oh, ok then.  I was looking for something else and I found it and THEN I remembered I hadn't finished it.  But now I have.

When I'd finished my crow, I also discovered the 'cheese box collage kit' that I bought from Anne Brooke (otherwise known as H-Anne-Made) at Yarndale in Skipton, so I thought I'd make that.  I really enjoyed ripping up bits of paper, cutting and sticking, and then stitching the collage.  So that's another one-day project finished!

At this rate, I'll have finished all my projects by, ooh, 2020 maybe?

I Started Something I Couldn't Finish - The Smiths


  1. love the round robin quilt - very 60s flower power! I bet it was satisfying to get your other projects finished too.

  2. I've been finishing stuff today too. Your cheesebox collage is very pretty. (and I'm glad you haven't stopped blogging!)

  3. Lovely stuff, the houses are so cute and am full of admiration for the round robin quilt.