Saturday, 21 December 2013


Like everyone I guess, it's been a busy few weeks - although to be honest, I have it very easy compared to some - and it's been mostly good stuff.
My friend Angie had been given a 'Tea for Two' voucher for Harrods, and she invited me to go with her. I thought I'd better check the dress code:-
Ladies & gentlemen are required to be of smart casual attire; the management reserves the right to refuse entry any person deemed to be dressed inappropriately. Specifically the Dress code does not permit: sports shoes and trainers, wearing high-cut, Bermuda or beach shorts; swimwear; athletic singlets; cycling shorts; flip flops or thong sandals; with a bare midriff or bare feet; or wearing dirty or unkempt clothing.
Please note that fancy dress, novelty and branded or promotional clothing is not permitted.
Bit disappointed, obviously, - I had planned to wear my Superwoman costume, or, failing that,  my 'Daisy Duke' shorts and a boob tube, but sadly I had to rethink my outfit.
The day started well when I met Angie at her office, with brilliant views over the city.  it was a bright sunny day and we could see Wembley Arch, the post office tower, the Shard and the London eye 

Then on to Harrods for afternoon tea.  It was a lovely setting - and you could tell the people who weren't regulars - they were the ones taking photos.
 The tea was fab - little finger sandwiches with the crusts cut off, scones with jam and cream and cakes.
 Let's have a close up of the cakes
We didn't QUITE finish everything, but we had a good crack at it, and I didn't eat again until the following evening!  Really lovely afternoon - I'd recommend it if you want to treat someone.
I had another trip into town to meet a friend and visit the V&A.  We saw the Pearls exhibition which we both enjoyed, and I decided I'd rather like a tiara.  I can see myself in a tiara
Maybe not wandering around Sainsburys - but could possibly get away with it in Waitrose without looking out of place. 
As we came out we saw the skaters outside the Natural History Museum.  It looks so Christmassy, I was almost tempted.  Almost.
I'm progressing my 'let's get things finished and use stuff up' resolution.  I've made this dress - it's my second Tiramisu dress.  You may remember that I thought my first one here was a bit 'mumsy' which wasn't really the look I was going for.  Anyway, this time I left the pockets out (although I like a pocket, they do tend to make a bit of extra bulk where you don't want it) and I chopped 12cm off the bottom.  It's also in a nice fabric, a much more drapey jersey and I'm really pleased with it.  The light's not great today so I didn't bother modelling it, but I may, if there's a photo opportunity over Christmas.
 I also found this 'London map' fabric that has been in my 'imminent to-do' pile for well over a year, and I knocked up a quick cushion
 AND - with buttonholes and buttons.

If you didn't get a Christmas card from me, here's a picure of what you would have received - I cheated this year and made one stitched fabric and paper collage, then scanned it and printed it onto watercolour paper. I then squidged a bit of glitter glue and stuck on a sequin or two.  
You'll have to image the glitter and sequins - I just hope you don't feel too hard done by.
Hope you have a really lovely Christmas xx



  1. The tiara would be perfect for when you next go for afternoon tea at Harrods! The card is beautiful and I hope you have a lovely Christmas too.

  2. Love the Big Bang Theory episode were Sheldon gets Amy a tiara, classic.

  3. The card looks great and who doesn't love a robin? Making one lovey card and printing from it is the way forward. Much less stressful.