Saturday, 11 January 2014


You might remember (if you've been listening) that a couple of months ago I reported that I had stitched this piece of barkcloth ....
at the request of the lovely Bobby Britnell,  as part of her collaboration with Janet Middleton of Starchild Shoes  to raise funds for Hands Up For Uganda. The plan was for lots of people to buy a piece of barkcloth, decorate it however they liked, and then send it off to be made as little artshoes. Which I did!
Now, although I blog intermittently, I don't 'tweet', and I don't 'face' (I can waste time quite adequately as it is, thanks) but I was delighted when Gina sent me the photos that she had seen on Faceache of my cloth made into shoes ...

They look so cute - and the shade of leather used with my fabric is EXACTLY the colour I'd have chosen myself!
If you want to look at the other fantastic shoes, here's a link to the Facebook page (I don't think you have to be signed up to see it)
Now I'm so pleased that I did a second piece, and I look forward to seeing it as shoes.  
AND seeing all the finished shoes on display at the NEC in March at Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch

BABYSHOES - Joe Christmas


  1. These look so cute, and a perfect pink.

  2. Those are completely adorable shoes - and I really look forward to seeing your second piece made up because it is (to my eye) even lovelier than the first!

  3. Are you sure you didn't tell them to use the pink leather? They are gorgeous!