Saturday, 2 July 2011

Turning Japanese

Whilst searching the t'interweb recently for images of Waterloo Sunset, for one of my projects, I inadvertently found the Went The Day Well website.  It's the website of two 17 year old students who are planning to cycle from John O'Groats to Lands End to raise money for Help The Heroes, specifically for a Personnel Recovery Centre for injured soldiers.  As well as the cycle ride, they organised a concert at St Paul's Catherdral (if you're gonna organise a gig, you may as well have a half decent venue!)  Now, you all know this isn't generally my genre of music, but the thought of listening to the choristers of St Pauls, whilst sitting in that iconic building really did appeal.  So, I got tickets and on Wednesday, that's where I was. It was fabulous, and whilst I won't be rushing out to buy hundreds of choral CD's, listening to those fantastic voices, whilst sitting under the dome, looking up at the ceiling of that great Cathedral, made the back of my neck tingle.  
The two boys are apparently starting their mammoth cycle tomorrow, so if you want to see how they get on, check out their blog here.  I'm sure they'd be very grateful if anyone would like to donate too.

Then on Friday I had tickets for a 'Fashion in Motion - Yohji YAMAMOTO' show  at the V&A Museum.  The tickets were free but you had to prebook, and I was lucky enough to get some.  AND, as it was my birthday, it was the perfect way of spending the day.  I had a bit of retail therapy first, then along to the V&A for the show, which was fantastic - a proper catwalk show  featuring the Japanese designer's Spring/Summer 2011 collections.  After a quick cup of tea and cake (well, it WAS my birthday!) I visited the current Yohji Yamamoto exhibition.  For once it didn't matter that I couldn't take photos, because I haven't got around to getting a new camera since the demise of my previous one.
After that I had a wander round two other exhibitions that finish shortly 
and ....
both of which had some really interesting exhibits.  
The only slight downside to the day was when a handsome young man smiled at me on the tube - and then stood up and gave me his seat.  I guess that's what birthdays eventually do for you.
Botox, anyone?

Turning Japanese - The Vapours


  1. You kept that quiet... Happy Birthday for yesterday! (it's my birthday next week too) Now I feel really bad that I stood you up. G x

  2. Sounds like you had a good day,just believe that he was being gallant.x

  3. that song by The Vapaours... I assume, you are aware of what it refers to...!!