Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Down By The Seaside

I've just had a week away with my sis and her family in exotic Eastbourne.  Pevensey Bay to be precise.
Weather started a bit iffy, but that just gave us an excuse to visit every second hand/charity/sewing shop in East Sussex.
I started in Brighton and went on here
but not on here
We went to Rye - LOTS of vintage shops and cobbled streets
and I managed not to have any of these ...
Then the next day we went to Lewes, and visited the castle grounds
But probably spent more time visiting the Patchwork Dog and Basket

and these are the said "Patchwork Dogs"
At this point, I feel I should nominate my b-in-law for an OBE for outstanding patience.  Never has one man been asked to wait outside so many fabric shops, in so many towns.  
I was tempted to go and try this dress on 
(must be the Babs Cartland influence, earlier in the year) but I managed to resist.  Not sure it would look right at O2 Shepherds Bush or Brixton Academy. 
The weather picked up on Friday, and we had a walk at Beachy Head.  
Incidentally, I'm really pleased with my new camera, how about this for a zoom on a compact?
My sis and family sitting on a bench without the zoom ...
and then from exactly the same spot, with full zoom...
I'm really impressed!  Must take care NOT to let this one get wet.
Oh, I went somewhere else afterwards, I know how boring other peoples holiday pictures can be, so I'll post those another day.  OI!! Wake up!!

Down By The Seaside - Led Zeppelin


  1. Your choice of shops looks great but you didn't say if you snapped up any bargains.
    How could you resist those tempting cakes! Glad the weather improved for you.

  2. My parents live in Hailsham so I know all the spots of which you speak. Love Lewes in particular, though the parking can be, ahem, interesting!

  3. I'm hugely disappointed that there is no photo of you in the pink dress.