Thursday, 14 July 2011

Anne Boleyn

Last day of term for our Spectrum group.  We don't meet again until September, and then we'll be moving to our new hall in Steeple Morden.
Gina set us a messy task for the morning - messy but not too taxing, it was a kind of grown-up 'colouring-in'.
Anyway, we got into gangs of four and worked on a joint masterpiece, using one chalky pastel each, plus black and white for shading/highlights.  When we'd finished, it was divided up into four, and we each got a piece.

We each cut a strip from the piece we'd been given, and cut the strip into smaller chunks (still with me?) and then had to reproduce those chunks in a larger scale, using the same colour pastels.

The last three are mine.  It was a really good exercise, but with hindsight, I probably shouldn't have worn a black top.
We had a delicious shared lunch with savoury cheesecake, salmon and asparagus tart, cream filled home-made meringues and fruit, and a sponge cake to finish.  (I took the crisps, and chopped up celery and carrots for the dips - you have to know your limits).
Fortunately we got away early so I was able to nip home to change my multi-coloured pastel-covered top, for something a bit cleaner, before heading off into town again to meet some friends at The Globe Theatre to see a production of Anne Boleyn.  I've never been to The Globe before - the setting is fabulous.

The Cast come out and 'meet and greet' before the performance

We all really enjoyed the play - it was funny and entertaining so do go if you get the opportunity, but I recommend that you pay a quid to hire one of their cushions - the seats are a bit uncomfortable. Oh and take something warm to wear - it gets chilly when you're sitting still for hours, exposed to the elements.

Anne Boleyn - Rick Wakeman  
(to be honest, I don't particularly recommend listening to this, I never liked Yes, and I prefer Rick Wakeman now when he's being a witty raconteur, but  it happens to be appropriate)


  1. All your colouring in looks very good! Sorry about the mess though... I was going to do playdough... or possibly glue and glitter next time but perhaps I should try to think of something less messy?

  2. Looks fun!
    I went to the Globe years ago, but had to stand - if you even looked as if you might just lean on a pillar a steward came and gave you a prod! Apparently it was elf and safety....

  3. Looks like you had a good day.I'm sorry I missed out.