Sunday, 9 January 2011

Two Hearts

Do you remember a while ago I asked if anyone knew of a stockist for WonderFil metallic threads? I'd bought some at Chilford Quilt Show and they seemed brilliant.  I generally encounter lots of problems with metallic threads -  shredding and breaking, inspite of using metallic needles and topstitch needles.  In fact, if I know I've got to use metallic thread, I tend to take myself off to my studio at the bottom of the garden and stitch down there, so as not to upset the neighbours. 
Anyway, when I tried the WonderFil metallics, I didn't have any trouble at all, and used an entire spool without a single breakage or shredage (if that's a word?).  
I wanted to get some more, but despite searching the internet, I couldn't find a supplier in this country and didn't get any joy when I emailed the company in the US.  So, as a last resort, I contacted Grosvenor Shows (the organisers of Chilford) for a list of the traders at the show, and intended to email all of them to see if I could track them down.  (Ok so next time I'll be more organised when I buy stuff, but no-one's perfect).  Grosvenor Shows were really helpful and emailed me back the very next day with the name of the supplier that sold them.  Which, in case you're interested is Cottage Patchwork and I've contacted the nice lady  there (who tells me at the moment she IS the only stockist in the UK) and ordered some more.
Today, in an attempt to do at least a little bit of homework before my next Embroidery Group meeting, I've been stitching into metal.  So, to really put the WonderFil threads to the test, I free machined into metal shim.  And it STILL didn't shred, which I think is pretty impressive.  More than can be said for my photo, but the light's bad, so I had to scan it.  
 The top one is stitched with a machine quilting thread, and the bottom one with the WonderFil metallic. 

Two Hearts - Bruce Springsteen


  1. I think I might have to treat myself to some of that! This embroidery group... does it have a name then?
    p.s. I'm okay for 21st!

  2. do you know..... I had a thought and believe me I don't have too many of them! Not useful ones anyway. I have a huge amount of copper sheet, my brother gave it to me. It is very thin and ideal for the machine. It would cut your hand off easily if you weren't careful at the edges but would you like some????

  3. Ooh yes please Karen, that would be lovely. I'll email you xx