Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year's Day

Happy New Year!

So - did you make any resolutions then?  I believe that last year I decided to  'Make More, Buy Less', which by and large I did - I even made some of my Christmas presents.  As I managed to stick to that one, I am carrying that forward for another year.  I also intend to get back to practising the guitar regularly- it seems to have fallen by the wayside a bit after my Aussie trip.  And I suppose I'd like to exercise more, and eat more healthily.  So,  to kill two birds with one stone,  I walked into town today to buy some vegetables.  Unfortunately, all the food shops were shut, (well, I suppose the big supermarket that I don't mention was probably open, but  I definitely wasn't going in there).  
It was quite tempting to just eat sweets again, but I decided I couldn't fall at the first hurdle, so when I got home I found an onion in the depths of my fridge, and an orange squash thing (a bit like a pumpkin, but smaller) which has been hanging about for a few weeks.  I think my original intention was to draw it, but that didn't happen, and it was starting to get dusty.  Anyway,  I decided to make what will now be referred to as "Squash Surprise Soup"
The mini pumpkin took some peeling (are you supposed to peel them, do you think?) and I roasted them with the onion.
When they were sort of roasted (but, fortuitously, not burnt) I chucked them in a pot with some stock (oh, don't be ridiculous, of course it wasn't home-made) and simmered them, then bashed them up with my whizzer.  And then there was soup.
So, how about that then.  A resolution adhered to or what?  And, just in case you were wondering why "Squash Surprise Soup"  Well, it was not only edible, it was delicious - which believe me, was a surprise.

Oh and, I've just remembered another intention (I think the word 'resolution' is a bit too inflexible, personally)
I'm going to join in with the Sketchbook Challenge which looks as if it might be quite inspirational.  Right, I'm off to practise guitar, quickly followed by some sketching.  (I wonder how long this will last?)
New Year's Day - U2
or you could try listening to this lullaby version!


  1. Happy New Year ,and congrats on the soup Jan xx