Sunday, 2 January 2011

Drawing The Line

I thought I'd get started straight away on the Sketchbook Challenge - January's theme is "Highly Prized" which I've interpreted as precious things that are special to me.  Obviously, family and friends are at the top of the list, but as I don't want to offend anyone, it's probably best if I don't try and draw them at this stage in the proceedings.  Instead, I made of list of my  favorite things - raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens  (oops, that's what comes of watching Sound of Music) - hearts, sweeties, loud guitar music, pointy boots, pottering in my studio, fairylights, etc etc.
No point being uncomfortable, so I decided I'd sketch the beautiful cushion my sister made and gave me for Christmas, which meant I could sit with my feet up on the sofa. 
And Here's my interpretation ...

Bit more successful than the slippers I knitted, which appear to be slightly on the large side.
I'm sure the pattern said "slippers" and not "flippers".  I'm sure they'll be all right really - they've got to be felted in the washing machine and they'll end up (hopefully) a lot smaller.  Anyway, I've got mates with little feet and other mates with bigger feet, so they're bound to fit someone.
Oh, and in case you thought the healthy eating was just a flash in the pan, today was roasted veg  .......
And they said it wouldn't last.
Drawing The Line - Porcupine Tree


  1. Fantastic sketch! Almost snorted lemonade out my nose when I saw your flippers :-) that's exactly the sort of thing that happens to me! Happy new year.

  2. You are a hoot!!!!!!!!

    Love the flippers!!!! On the plus side your start in your sketchbook is amazing. Well done! Heres to a very happy new year sketchbooking!


  3. Happy New Year! Oh didn't Gina knit some giant slippers and then have to felt them too? How funny!

  4. Love your flippers... even the same colour as mine. They really do shrink (although I think mine took too attempts) Your drawing is beautiful but I'm a bit worried about this transformation into a domestic goddess.

  5. Happy New Year! I think you made a hat once that would match the flippers for size.

  6. lovely, lovely drawing and the slippers made me laugh!! Please show them again, felted, so we can see if it worked!