Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Those Were The Days

After much debate, I decided to throw my felted slippers into the washing machine for the third time, this time  at a slightly higher temperature.  I was a bit concerned they would shrink too much - but no, they are now just perfect size-wise.  I also felted some knitted flowers I made to go on them at the same time, and now I can't decide which ones I like best.

All this indecision - and the ridiculous thing is - I don't wear slippers.  Oh well, maybe I'm getting to the age where I should start.  Which brings me to an incident earlier today.  
I'd seen that Tigerstores sell LP frames - for displaying an album cover on the wall.  I explained to the young shop assistant that I'd seen LP frames on their website but that I couldn't find them in store.  He smiled obligingly, and said he would show me where they were.  The following conversation then took place.....

Him -  "There you are madam, all our frames are here" indicating some small photo frames.
Me -   " No, they'll be much bigger than that, they are for displaying vinyl Album covers"
Him -  "Oh, it's an album you want,  they're over here" (indicating a fine selection of photograph albums)
Me -   "No, not photograph albums, these are frames, for hanging on the wall, to display an album"
Him -   Puzzled silence.
Me  -  "A vinyl album - the cover for an LP"
Him -  "What's an LP"
Me  -  (Long sigh) "It's what old people used to listen to music on, before you were born"

In the end, I found a label on the shelf showing where they were meant to be, and he took the stock number and went away and came back with a boxful, and I bought a couple.
To make matters worse, I asked the girl at the checkout if she knew what an LP was, and she didn't have a clue either.  
On the website, they have the frame displaying a copy of a Beatles Album.  I'm glad I didn't mention that, I'd have probably had to explain who the Beatles were.

I decided to bake some cakes when I got home, to take to my Embroidery Group tomorrow.  I made some Red Velvet Cupcakes.
Big ones ........
and, for the dieters, small ones -

The recipe is from the Hummingbird Bakery Book - but I'm afraid I cheated.  Our local cake decorating shop has a ready made mixture for this recipe, so I used that.  You can't really see in the picture, but they have red (edible!)  glitter on and look like very wicked cakes.  
So, if you read of the mass poisoning of a Hertfordshire Embroidery Group..........

Those Were The Days - Mary Hopkins


  1. Funny that, Ashlie 24 daughter, prefers vynl to CDs and a lot of bands produce new albums on vynl
    as well as CDs.Davids Music - Letchworth has a very good selection new and old (plug plug)
    Must make my red cupcakes - hope they taste good..

  2. knew I'd spelt vinyl wrong - sorry

  3. I prefer the first flowers too. I have a stack of LPs which my husband keeps threatening to throw out. I've got nothing to listen to them on but there's no way I'll part with them.

  4. Oh well, looks like at least some of us still do remember LPs....
    I love the daisies with the yellow centres on your slippers.

  5. I'd go with the first flowers too. The youth of today have no idea :) My husband had a similar problem on the telephone with a youngster at Game, he mentioned a console from a few years ago and they'd never heard of it. He said they should do some history! I chuckled away to myself in the background.

  6. Guess what I'm wearing... actually don't because you've seen me today and you know what I'm wearing. Except I've swapped my boots for my felt slippers. Before I made these I never used to wear slippers either. Will you make more velvets cakes (big ones!)when I come off my diet? (assuming you haven't poisoned everyone, that is)

  7. I hope you are able to read this and haven't gone down with something nasty!I prefer the 1st flowers too

  8. Right girls, the first flowers it is then! Thanks for confirming what I thought was my favourites xx

  9. Sorry 'are' my favourites! And for reading the blog what I wrote.

  10. Didn't their parents have LP's??? My kids don't believe we didn't have a colour telly until I was 15!! everything has moved on so much over the last 20 years, it's amazing when you think about it...as for the slippers, they're amazing!!

  11. Oh loving those chocolate cakes, they look so yummy! and loving the slippers!