Friday, 2 July 2010

Heart-Shaped Box

It's been a brilliant week - I finished my City and Guilds course, everything submitted, assessed and passed - so no more homework!  The fact that we all stuck with it to the end, is due in no small part to the encouragement,  support and inspiration (not to mention cake), dished out by our lovely tutor Gina (known to you as Fan My Flame)  Here are some photos of the really varied selection of work we produced....

I've got more photos but I am having real trouble loading them, so have a look at Fan My Flame who has more photos of our work.
And, apologies if you've seen these before, but these are three of mine ....

One of the other, many reasons that this has been a good week - is that I had a birthday!  I had some great presents, lots of cards and birthday wishes, and after Pilates, I  went up to the V&A for a little look at the Horace Walpole exhibition - which, to be honest, I found a bit boring - but then , as I'm now a member of the V&A (how grown up is THAT!) I went for coffee and cake in the Member's Room and saw this from a different angle
Then, I met my friend Angie for a drink, before having a wander along Oxford Street - without spending any money, and had a good journey home.  A lovely birthday!

And - it's continued today, with a post-birthday breakfast in Baroosh with my knitting pals, Val and Lucy and more lovely presents.  I'm not putting photos of all of them on here because blogger seems to be experiencing technical problems today (the site, not me) but I did manage to upload this one from Val.
 It's really unusual, can you guess what it is -

It's completely made of glass, and no, it's not a swizzle stick .........

And finally, in case you're wondering what is the significance of this post's song title - it's my slightly lopsided tribute to Kurt Cobain.  My freshly trimmed topiary buxus, otherwise known as a heart-shaped box!


  1. Belated happy birthday wishes. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Congratulations on passing your course. All the work is beautiful and I shall enjoy seeing more of the work on Gina's blog. Have a lovely weekend Gill


  2. I did see the work you clever ladies have done on Gina's blog ,but it was lovely to see again ,And Many Happty Returns of your Birthday Jan xx

  3. Sounds like a good birthday.. think I could be spending mine studying I'm so far behind! Love your heart shaped box!

  4. Really lovely work by everyone in the group.Glad you had a great birthday x x