Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Diamonds Are Forever

Firstly please allow me to boast a bit - on Saturday I entered two of my City and Guilds pieces in the local horticultural show, in the handicraft sections.  And look what happened..........................

Ok, so it's not a massive show with hundreds of entries - but I was still really pleased.
Then on Sunday we had a party for my parent's Diamond wedding anniversary.   There has been lots of hectic preparation.  Why hectic? - because, as you know,  I leave everything until the last minute.  Obviously, some things HAVE to be left until the last minute - you can't really make sandwiches weeks beforehand, can you (unless you work for one of the budget airlines, I suppose)
So,  all day on Saturday, and again on Sunday morning there was lots of activity:-  from my friend Jill,
from my sister Linda.................
and from my niece Sarah (who incidentally, has just become a newly qualified nurse - Congrats to her!)
I did a few things too, honest, it's just that I had the camera so there's no photographic evidence.  I was, in fact, responsible for a number of things.  Unfortunately this included leaving the lemonade in the boot of my car at home.  Oh, and for forgetting the mint for the Pimms.  But I did produce my signature dish - White Choc and Raspberry muffins. 
Then, finally the food was prepared, the flowers were arranged, the bunting was hung, we got out of our pinnies and into our frocks - and the guests of honour arrived...
Don't our Mum and Dad look fabulous - they certainly don't look old enough to have been married sixty years!  It was a lovely day, everything turned out well, even the weather was good. 
And the beautiful cake made by Steph says it all ....


  1. Oh God Bless them ,what a lovely picture of you all ,and look how busy you all are ,first your neice congratulations on becoming a nurse ,then very well done to you for getting TWO firsts in the local show ,and then your dear Mum and Dad ,many congratulations on your wedding aniversary ..love Jan xx

  2. They look lovely..they must have been children when they married! You scrub up quite nicely yourself!
    What a great day for them and how lucky they have you to do such a greta thing for them.

  3. Congratulations to your Mum and Dad. You all look lovely!
    Sending love xo

  4. Huge congratulations... to you for those first prizes (well deserved) and to your Mum and Dad who look lovely. Congratulation Alan and Betty!

  5. Congratulations Gill on winning two first prizes. You must be feeling very happy with yourself. Isn't it nice when hard work pays off.
    Congratulations to your mum and dad and your niece.

  6. What a wonderful weekend, busy but very satisfying when everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it all went off as planned.

  7. Just a thimbleful....

    Congratulations to you all! How many couples will be celebrating their 30th W/A in 50 years time, let alone 60! And it is always nice to win an award, so well done you.

  8. 60 years! wow, that's amazing. it's good to know you are reading too and the book is nearly finished...