Sunday, 18 July 2010

Tiers for Souvenirs - and All That Jazz.

Apologies for the short absence (like you even noticed I'd been away) but I've been  away in Norfolk staying with my parents.  It's been an action-packed week - starting with the premiere of The Guilty, an independent  film directed by Brendan Sheppard.  (it's not what you know ......)
That was followed by a picnic at Grafham Water to celebrate my niece's 21st birthday.  For her proper pressie, I'm going to treat her to a trip while we're off travelling together later in the year, but on the day , I gave her a pile of magazines that I bought for her on the day she was born.  See - all you who think I leave everything until the last minute - I AM capable of forward planning sometimes.  Of course, I had to have a little flick through the pages before I wrapped them up, and do you know, back in an interview in July 1989, George Michael was hoping to meet a nice girl, settle down and have a family.  Mmmm, best laid plans, eh George? 

Later in the week, it was  my nephew 's Prom night, with much enthusiastic dancing,  and on Wednesday a trip to Holt, one of my favourite places in Norfolk, for even more enthusiastic  shopping  and lunch with my sis. And yes, of course there was cake.  We browsed in  "Past Caring", a great vintage clothes shop, where I tried on two 1940's jackets, but managed (with great difficulty) to resist both of them, thus saving myself a total of £100.  So, with that £100 burning a hole in my pocket, we had a fruitful tour of the charity shops,

and we also discovered a lovely shop that we hadn't been to before, called Great to Be Green.  It was full of goodies, some vintage, and some made from recycled materials, so we did a bit of ethical shopping.

And then some more.
I suppose, if you're going to be a shopaholic, it's better to be an ethical shopaholic.  (Unless you have a lisp)

And finally to the Pied Piper Shop. I've no excuse for this at all,  - I don't even DO patchwork ...
On Friday night we all went to Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk to see DixieMix, a Trad Jazz band.  Yeah, I know, I know, it's not exactly Glasto,  and it's definitely not my usual sort of music, but my family kidnapped me and there was nothing I could do about it.  The setting was fabulous, with fantastic views and beautiful gardens, which Linda and I explored before the music started.

It was a lovely evening, and the band were really good (high praise, coming from a non-Jazz fan) and very entertaining.  I don't think it can have been proper Jazz, because you could tell what song they were playing, and I suppose it's not their fault that they never learned to play rock  music - I guess it  takes all sorts.  My Mum and Dad (who ARE trad Jazz fans) loved it and I believe they are going to try and see them again soon, so that's a recommendation from them.  
And, they did have a guitarist with long hair, so at least I had something to look at.
It ended up being a typically British evening though (my sister wasn't fed up, I caught her at a bad moment!)
In amongst all that social whirl, with much advice, and a little assistance from my Dad, I've been drilling holes in plates. It was far more successful than I thought, I've not broken any so far - and I've made this, a three tiered cake plate with vintage plates......
Do you think they would sell?  Maybe I could become tiered cake stand supplier to the stars.  (I'll not give up my day job until I hear from you).
I also recovered a couple of chairs, and knitted the back of a jumper.  Can I go back to work now please?


  1. Gosh yes you have been busy ,but fun ,I know Grafam water well ,your jazz concert sounded fun ,but not as much as your shopping trip , Jan xx

  2. What a wonderful week we had,loved having your company,who says not much goes on in this neck of the woods.

  3. I love Holt, we were there Easter. Lynda, form Past Caring has some great stories about Princesses Margaret.
    Is the Pied Piper shop new as I don’t seemed to have been there?

  4. Sounds like a busy fun packed week! Love your tired cake stand!... and yes they would definitely sell... there was one in the TTimes magazine yesterday that was £65 and not nearly as nice as yours.