Monday, 21 June 2010

Silver threads and golden needles

Because it's a well documented fact that the person with the biggest fabric stash lives longest, I purchased these beautiful vintage fabrics last week  Some lovely barkcloth, which is hoping to be a cushion when it grows up ...
Some feedsack fabric (I'm not sure what this feedsack thing is all about, but my sis has mentioned it and it looks lovely) ....
And then, this lovely little extra bit  which I wasn't expecting!...
I'm really pleased with them, and given that I ordered them late on Wednesday night, and they arrived on Friday morning,could  I suggest that when you next have an "I need vintage fabric and I need it  NOW!"  -type emergency, you might like to visit Sal's Snippets.

I visited an exhibition at the newly refurbished Hertford Museum on Saturday, featuring the work of Elspeth Kemp, a local textile artist. 

I couldn't take any photographs, but if you are in the area,  it's definitely worth a  visit - the work spans many decades and covers lots of  different styles, both traditional and contemporary.  There were several stunning pieces which I particularly loved, that had been made this year, following a Masterclass she recently attended with John Allen.  Oh, and maybe I should mention that she was born in 1922.  What an inspiration!
Well, it worked for me.  I came home on Saturday afternoon and was determined to get on with my final  piece for C&G - "An accessory or set of accessories".  I had decided to make what the fashion magazines refer to as a 'bib necklace'.  (I think it refers to the shape, rather than the fact  that it'd look better once you've got your dinner down it)

I made lots of different little elements on a vaguely floral theme.....

I free machined onto metal (including recycled tomato puree tubes) organzas, felt, lace and bit of previous textile experiments that have been knocking about for years, just waiting for something to happen.
And now, it has ..............

C&G allows handstitching on one of your projects - so I was able to add some hand beading. I'm quite pleased with it - I might even make a brooch or a cuff to go with it.
PS - Have you noticed anything about the titles for my posts yet?


  1. Well, now you mention it.... there all titles of lovely songs? am I right?
    Too busy reading the interesting blog to notice....

  2. Hi there!
    Thanks for the mention!
    Here's your feedsack info..a post I did a while ago.


  3. Your bib is stunning... don't get your dinner down it before next Wednesday!
    I've got vintage fabric envy... might have to visit Sal for a quick fix.
    And I like to idea of a retreat in Cornwall too!

  4. Beautiful bib - don't let anyone dribble on it! I love the way your have placed all the different elements, must have taken AGES...

    p.s. glad I was able to help you with your crossword clue!

  5. Wow your necklace looks fantastic.
    I'm envious of your fabric, how long before you cut it up?

  6. Nice to meet you VRC! Small world isn't it? I ordered some paints from Art Van Go a month or so back. All the way from jolly old England to not-so-sunny Australia!

    I'm swooning over that bark cloth you snatched yourself. Absolutely beautiful. I'm always looking at the stuff on Etsy and Ebay - but so $$$. I think one day I will just have to bite the bullet and buy some.

  7. Beautiful fabric and I love the necklace. I think you should wear it to any film premiers that you may get invited to!Guess they are all song titles probably rock if I know you.