Saturday, 19 June 2010

Take Me To The River

Sorry, it's been ages. I had a weekend in windy Norfolk, followed by  a  weekend in sunny Bournemouth.  But, in between, I had a trip to the Victoria Miro Gallery in North London to see an exhibition of work by a Brazilian artist Maria Nepomuceno.  To quote Holland Cotter of  The New York Times...
"Maria Nepomuceno's woven and beaded scultures feel entirely self-sufficient.  They're at once charming and mysterious, relaxed and vivacious, like the never-entirely-gentle Rio environment that produced them."  
Mmmm, I'm sure I'd have said that myself if I'd have thought of it first.  Instead, my reaction was that they were  really interesting, brilliantly coloured and great to look at in a big empty space, but probably not the sort of thing that you'd want in your lounge.  Macrame for the New Millenium?  My overwhelming thought though, was that they must have been bl***y hard work - they were made with tough nylon ropes, sewn with what looked like heavy duty fishing line.  I bet her fingers were sore by the time she'd finished.  I just hope she treated herself to a thimble.
Anyway,see what you think ........

Anyway, having spent an hour or so there, we decided to make our way to Loop, the posh wool shop - but not before we'd had a cup of coffee in the sunshine....
sitting on a balcony, overlooking part of the Regents Canal.
Who would have thought that this was just around the corner from City Road?  That's what I love about walking around in London.  You come across such unexpected hidden treasures.
Talking of treasure, when we got to LOOP I bought some lovely hand-painted yarn to knit a "Simple Ripple Scarf" designed for Loop by JuJu Vail 

I'll let you know whether it turns out to be simple at some point in the future.  Don't hold your breath.
Incidentally, in case you are planning a visit to Loop in the near future - they are moving to 15 Camden Passage, Islington - the new shop opens today, 19th June.


  1. What an interesting exhibition love your photos.

  2. Not quite sure what to make of the exhibition photos, a bit weird for me.Hope the scarf turns out more normal!

  3. hmm very labour intensive work and curious too. I'm a bit worried though by the name on the biscuit packet - not a triumph of marketing, in my book!
    Good luck with the scarf - I can wait.....

  4. the exhibition looks amazing but I agree about the fingers, must be agony! Thanks for the information about loop too, I would never have known and I always try and go there when I am in London.

  5. Thanks for showing the exhibition pictures. It makes me wonder what makes someone so driven that they can plan and then make things like that? Fascinating.

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