Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Rock The Casbah

Or Rock The Square, even. 
Since the sad demise of the Hertford Marquee in June last year, there's been a bit of a musical void in town. 
True, the Castle Hall held the occasional music event,  and they had a few really good tribute bands, but the venue itself is a bit soul-less, and whilst the staff are efficient and friendly, the decor in the bar is a bit overlit and dated. Apparently that is being addressed at long last, as it recently closed for refurbishment but who knows whether it will continue to have bands when it re-opens.
Recently the Corn Exchange has started hosting music events, along with comedy nights, and that has a much better atmosphere, with better lighting. (For 'better',  read 'less'. I figure the lower the lighting levels, the longer I can go without botox.)  It still tends to lean towards established acts though, and it's unlikely that it's going to be very accessible to young bands hoping to play their first gig.
However, it may be that Shades Top Bar in Parliament Square is about to bridge the gap.  On Saturday,  "Rock the Square" had it's opening night.

First on were a young band from Ware,  False Alarm (and when I say 'young' - I'd be surprised if their combined ages were much more than mine), followed by Wide Boy Generation.  At least I was only old enough to be their mum, rather than their granny. Both of these were really good and obviously had some keen followers in the audience. 
Finally, headlining at what I hope is the first of many gigs at this promising venue, were the slightly-more-mature  "Trash" - in my opinion, the UK's top Clash tribute band.  But then admittedly, I haven't seen any others.  They rocked their way through great renditions of the classics - "London's Burning", "Rock The Casbah", "Janie Jones", "Bank Robber", "Guns of Brixton", "Safe European Home", "White Riot" and of course, a track that always makes it onto my list of Desert Island Discs, and that I HAVE to dance to wherever I am when I hear it -  "I Fought the Law".   I've decided I'm going to have it written into my will that I want that track played at my funeral, although I guess I won't be dancing then. Or will I? 
I did take a couple of photos, but my flash/camera skills clearly aren't good enough. Still, I've played around in Photoshop, so, here's Trash in Blurry Blue......
and in Rebellious Red........
"Rock The Square" has the makings of being a great local music venue - so let's hope that it takes off - the next gig is planned for 17th July.

Oh, and the fact that it's local, meant that I was back home with a cup of cocoa and my Woman's Weekly soon after 1am.    Rock'n'Roll!

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