Friday, 30 April 2010

It wouldn't do if we all liked the same thing.

I went on a coach trip  to see the aptly titled "Les Miserables" last night. 

Hmmmm.  I've decided that musicals are not really my thing.  Or at least not this one.  I don't understand why some people want to go back and see it again and again - once was DEFINITELY enough for me.  I'm glad that I went, if only to see what everyone was talking about, but it really IS what it says on the tin.  The only song that I recognised  was "I Dreamed a Dream" and that's only because it's the one that Susan Boyle did on X Factor  (and before you completely write me off, it's the one and only time I've ever seen X factor.  I was doing my ironing and it was the least rubbish thing on at the time)  Anyway, back to Les Mis - there certainly weren't any singalong numbers that had you whistling on your way out of the theatre.  Not wishing to be totally negative, for, as you know, I can always find the best in any situation,  the stage sets were impressive, and the cast were very good - I particular liked the bit when they all died in slow motion on the barricades.  I liked the venue - The Queens is a lovely compact little theatre,  and the leader of the revolutionaries was a pretty young man with long hair (he looked like a young Michael Ball, before he'd eaten so many doughnuts).  Oh, and I enjoyed my ice cream at half time.  I won't be buying the CD.

Bit different to last Friday, when I went to the Forum at Kentish Town to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Now that WAS a good night out. A brilliant gig  with  music just as I like it, loud guitars played by moody young men wearing skinny jeans and black leather jackets,  with a drumbeat you can feel through the soles of your boots and that thumps in your chest and leaves your ears ringing.  I guess it takes all sorts.


  1. I think its good to go to a range of shows and I definately think that you could say that the two you selected were from quite a broad range!

  2. Les mis... does what it says on the tin !!!

    I went to the theatre last night too... i saw Woman Beware Women at the Olivier theatre in the National... i knew nothing about it except that it had that bloody Harriet (I am an actress dahling) Walter in it which i didn't think would be good.. but the tickets were a tenner so a girlfriend and i gave it a whirl... and blow me down it was brilliant.
    I URGE you to go and see it... I'll even go again(!)... if only for the sets and costumes and choreography which were fab.

    And BRMC are playing again at O2... fancy that too?

  3. I DO like musicals, but agree that Les Miz would not be anywhere near the top of my list. At the moment We Will Rock You is my fave have seen it 4 times here in Toronto.
    Going to London at the end of May and hope to see Priscilla of the Desert.


  4. I've never fancied Les Mis either... not a great fan of musicals although I loved Chicago... seen that twice.

  5. Hah! You are an individual with singular taste! If I took a look at your pink wallpapered studio I wouldn't necessarily team you up with BRMC.

  6. hooray - someone who had the same reaction to les mis as I did!
    Glad BRMC lifted your spirits

  7. what's wrong with Britains Got Talent!! I love it, makes me feel less idiotic!! and the cake was great, double buttercream with buttercream and white chocolate frosting, oh my!!