Friday, 23 April 2010

The Handwriting game.

Check out Jackie's blog for other handwriting samples!

By the way - you can see Gina's here
So to continue .....
Whoops, apologies to Madeira - I just wrote down what the late great Val Campbell Harding said.
That one above was with Deborah Gonet, sister of Stella (House of Elliott) Gonet! And fortunately, she's kinder to Madeira threads
Never did finish the bag started with Deidre Hawken - but I will.  Soon.
Finished the stitched self portrait with Mary Cozens Walker - could maybe do with a few stitched lines now

Above - from a wonderful weekend workshop near Bournemouth with Maggie Grey
Closer to home with Pauline Verrinder (I found the samples from the above course the other day)
And then finally ....
So that's it.

PS - My sister rang me to say that she'd got examples of my handwriting in her loft - she's got a folder with song lyrics that I'd written out years ago apparently. So, bright and early this morning, she was up in her loft and found the folder.  In amongst the lyrics, she found a poem I wrote to her when she was starting senior school, aged 11 and I'd have been 14.  She emailed it to me this morning - and having read it, I realise I was a bit mean to her even then - but it did make me laugh.


  1. A very comprehesive answer with a lot of useful tips.

    Do you know I hardly ever take notes in workshops now unless its technical. I have a whole two 'reporters' notebooks (with Pink Liberty covers of course) full of my C&G notes. I never thought of using those, and notes taken in meetings where doodles have taken over.
    Thanks for your wonderful contribution. I enjoyed it.
    Such Controversy about Madeira threads!

  2. Fabulous post and I loved the poem. Made me laugh out loud - I'm surprised your sister still talks to you! I noticed there were no city & guilds notes there... I obviously spoon feed you all too many teachers notes!

  3. Not only Gina but I wonder sometimes why I still talk to you!I'm impressed that you keep workshop notes but more that you know where you put them.

  4. I loved the poem about your sister as I have a sister three years younger than me and when we were little it was love/hate. When I went to stay with my Nan I wrote to my sister saying how glad I was she wasn't there lol and telling her all the things my Nan had bought me and not her LOL :o)

  5. I wish I had copied up my notes, I have a pile of scrappy notebooks with unreadable writing and even if I could read them, they are nonesense now. I also seem to have been to many of the same classes as you :)