Monday, 5 April 2010

Not so pukka

I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself this week - I've had some kind of flu type lurgy, where everything aches, with a cough and a sore throat, and I've ended up with a throat infection, resulting in me losing my voice.  I'm starting to feel much better now, although still a bit croaky and lazy.  Right, that's it - health bulletin over.  I'm not after sympathy or anything, honest.
Hence, I haven't been out all week, and I've just pottered around and lolled about and watched daytime telly - whatever next?!?   I have to tell you, Rosemary and Thyme isn't a patch on Midsomer Murders.
Still, I recovered sufficiently for my family to visit on Friday, on their way to a family party - which I was also due to attend but decided against it in the end, not wishing to spread my germs.  Plus, it would have been difficult to talk to anyone at that stage.
So, unaccustomed as I am to baking - I made some Easter fairy cakes ....
I guessed that everyone would make the effort to be polite and manage to force one down, but I think they all had two, and I believe that my sister and brother-in-law  had three each.  Now, I have to say, I think that would be taking politeness beyond the course of duty,  so I can only assume the cakes must have been ok.  (I'll probably find them stuffed down the back of the sofa at some point in the future).  Certainly, they tasted all right to me, but then I'll eat anything if it's smothered in butter cream and chocolate eggs. 
I made little 'eggy parcels' for my Mum and sister, with a knitted Easter chick with a cream egg stuffed inside
Apparently, while I was getting lunch,  my Mum, looking puzzled, asked  my sister "Why do you think there is a straw in there?"    I bet you know don't you?  My sister did, because she's every bit as daft as me.  Obviously, it's so the chick doesn't suffocate!
My sister gave me a beautiful heart shaped brooch, that she'd made by stitching hundreds of tiny french knots
After my visitors had gone off to the party, and I was sitting on my own like some gravelly-voiced Cinders, I sat and counted the french knots - there are 986 altogether. Why are you doubting me??  Believe me, counting french knots beats daytime telly anytime.
Despite my seriously delicate state,  I have managed to finish a few things - a pink cardigan that I was knitting in time for last summer - but as we didn't have one there turned out to be no rush.  And a beaded necklace for my friend Val for her birthday - obviously I didn't have it finished in time for her birthday, but she got it today, so it's only a couple of weeks late. 
There are one or two other things, but they will have to wait until next time.


  1. Now counting French knots is not something I would ever want to have to do.Are you sure you didn't miss one?

  2. Talking of french knots I won a candle wick embroidery ,called wild Mushrooms ,on ebay today so am over the moon ,I like Midsomer murders and Roemary and Thyme lol ,your easter makes are stunning I love that necklace ,and of course your new brooch ,and the cakes dont look to bad either !!Hoping you soon feel 100% again Jan xx

  3. Please tell me you didn't really count those french knots? It is beautiful but 986??? She must be mad or love you very much! Hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. I can't believe you counted the french knots- no way. I totally get the straw thing, isn't it a normal thing to do?
    The cupcakes look lovely. Hope your feeling better.