Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Ramble On ....

As I said before, either I'm busy doing loads of stuff and have no time to write about it, or I'm not doing much and that gives me plenty of time to post.  Consequently this will be a brief ramble, as I've not got much to say (although that doesn't seem to impede Dave, Gordon and Nick - ooops, sorry -  didn't mean to mention the election)
So, one of my most exciting bits of news is that we now have one of these in Hertford .....

Apparently it's been there nearly a month and I've only just discovered it. And, so far, I've only had a quarter (or the current Euro equivalent) of raspberry bonbons -which, in case you're interested, were blue ?!?!   As you may remember, I'm partial to old-style Confectioners, on account of my Granddad running sweetshops when I was young(er).  This shop is a particularly fine example, as, like Grandad's,  it has a low counter for the "kids' sweets".  I think, though, that I'd better warn my sister that the proprietor is unlikely to be as amenable as Pop, if she does her old trick and nips round the back to bite heads off the Jelly Babies. 

We had Hertford Music Festival in the town on Monday - pity the weather wasn't a bit better, I was frozen by the time I came away at 8pm, despite nipping into the White Hart between bands, but it was a really good day with lots of venues taking part,  and a really wide variety of music. I managed to take a picture of one band while the sun was shining - the Bob Villains (guess who THEY'RE a tribute to?)

Then my final bit of excitement for the week was discovering this set of Devonware in a charity shop this morning.  Ok, so I'm easily pleased.  One of the saucers is cracked, as is the handle of the teapot, and it came without a lid, but it's not like I'm going to be using it for the intended purpose, and it was under a fiver.  It would have been a lot more than that in the vintage shops in Rye. 
The bargain price kind of offsets my other purchase today.  Not from a charity shop, but from a new shoe shop in the town.  A pair of boots beckoned me in, and it's not like you see a beautiful pair of bottle green cowboy boots every day, is it?

On a final note, it was the funeral of my friend's aunt Nora yesterday.  She had reached the great age of 90 and was a wonderful lady who lived life to the full, and saw the best in everyone.  In one of the many tributes to her, she was quoted as saying that she wanted to be remembered as a practicing eccentric.  How brilliant is that - and now, after many years of wondering, I know EXACTLY what I want to be when I grow up.


  1. Biting the heads off jelly babies hee hee ,love your charity shop buy,and green cowboy boots well ,you couldnt not Jan xx

  2. For a brief ramble that was a post full of lovely bits and pieces! I think that's what I'd like to be when I grow up too!

  3. What a lovely charity shop find, I'm still looking for my teapot.
    The sweetie shop sounds great.

  4. How come you remember the one time I did something naughty in Grandad's sweet shop.Oh the tales I could tell about you if only I had my own blog.

  5. I think you've already made a start Gill! :-)
    please don't send your sister round to bite my head off....

  6. bon bons are my absolute favourites, lemon ones!