Friday, 14 May 2010

Busy Doing Nothing

It was off to Baldock for City and Guilds on Wednesday.  I only have two classes left, and can't believe how quickly the last two years have gone.  It's round about now that I begin to wish I had done my homework as I went along.  Still, I've finished all my samples and experimental pieces, and two main projects, and I've ALMOST finished the third, which means just one more project to go.  I was going to include photos of my latest offering,  but the photos didn't look too clever, so I'll wait until its completely finished and try again.  Instead, for a bit of visual distraction, I'll include pictures of Days, the very nice bakers in Baldock High Street -  they always have beautiful window displays.

Every week, at lunch time, we go out to get a sandwich, and say that we're definitely not having a cake.  But, it's a girl's perogative, and all that........

Yesterday I walked across the fields, and saw lots of bunnies and blossom ......
You'll have to take my word for the bunnies - they were too fast for me.
I was on my way to Val's to meet up with her and Lucy for a spot of knitting.  Well, I say knitting.
We chatted for a while, then we had quite a bit of 'diary discussion' planning various future events.  Val and I booked tickets for a comedy night, and also for one day of the Hop Farm Festival (I just love their website) to see Dylan, Ray Davies, Pete Docherty - who apparently has taken to turning up for some of his gigs these days - and Seasick Steve to name but a few. Having sorted that out, we then moved on to the purpose of our meeting.  I managed precisely three rows of a sock, before we stopped for lunch.  Oh, and a bottle or so of wine.
We didn't go back to knitting.
Then Book Club in the evening - with one or two politely raised eyebrows because I'd read the book for a change. We spent about five minutes discussing the book (well those virtuous few of us that had actually finished it), and then we moved on to more interesting topics.  And another couple of glasses of wine.

Today has been much the same, although without the wine. I've have spent all day doing anything to avoid what I really should be doing.  If ever I am canonized (unlikely, because I had to carry out a number of google searches in order to ascertain the correct term for being 'sainted'),  I wish to become the Patron Saint of Displacement Activities. Instead of packing - the one thing guaranteed to make me 'stressed' - I have done anything but. I had an unnecessary trip into town, went to the Library, and visited all of Hertford's charity shops.  I've cut the grass, and generally pottered in the garden, I've resited compost bins, repotted plants. I've flicked through the Country Living magazine, made about fifteen cups of tea, numerous phone calls, sent emails, checked websites.  And written this.  All in an effort to put off what is going to have to be done. 
I'd better go and do it - otherwise I'm scared I might resort to cooking just to put it off a bit longer.  And that really would be a step too far.
Oh and I nearly forgot - include "slight doctoring of a magazine advert" in the list of displacement activities.


  1. I hadn't realised George had hit rock bottom! NOW GO AND PACK.

  2. How much did you pay George to do that??? It was very good cake on Wednesday... Belgian bun next time I think!

  3. I think I'm a fully paid-up member of that Displacement Activity Club too! But at least you did achieve a lot, even if unintentionally!

  4. I WAS going to comment on the next post until I saw the picture of've mad an old lady very happy.