Sunday, 3 May 2009

De-weed and de-clutter

I've had a lovely week, with mostly sunny weather, so I've spent a bit of time pottering and tidying in the garden, which you can just peek between my patriotic floral display.

Yesterday was the final game of the season at Leyton Orient, so we had a team photo taken - it's the first time I've set foot on the pitch, and it would be the one day I was wearing heels!Anyway, for those of you with an interest in such things, it was a 1-1 draw with Huddersfield, who, incidentally, had the most enormous flag which they passed backwards and forwards over their heads in the away stand. They also seemed to have a large 'fancy dress' contingent - there were quite a number dressed as bananas for some reason?!?!?

Apart from tidying in the garden, I seem to have been overtaken with a spring cleaning bug. And no, that doesn't JUST mean I washed the kitchen floor. I've had a big declutter and I'm now on my second bag for the charity shop this week. I also made a May Day resolution to finish the projects I've got on the go before I take on any others. (It stands about as much chance of succeeding as the average New Year resolution!)
Then, as if that wasn't enough domesticity for one week, I fancied baking something this afternoon, and I made these Triple Chocolate cookies. The recipe said it made 45, and I didn't want THAT many, so I halved the recipe, thinking I'd end up with about 20.
I think I misjudged the amount of mixture to dollop on the baking tray, 'cos I've only ended up with about 12, and each one is the size of a small dinner plate. Still, if you're going to have one, you might as well have a big one.


  1. Oooh yummy looking cookies. Well done on your resolution to finish things - I need to do that. I also need to spring clean more effectively than just washing the kitchen floor! x

  2. Very impressed that you've been cooking! Like the team photo... you look very glam!

  3. Gosh, you're so talented, I'm so lucky to have a big sis like you!!

  4. Beware never tell your bid sis your password! You really can't trust her, lets all see how many finished projects she has ready for her next blog.

  5. Goddess in the Kitchen as well as of the patchwork!! The Cookies taste gorgeous, and no my password hasn't been cracked :-)