Monday, 11 May 2009

Weekend in Norfolk

Good job I spent last week de-cluttering. A mini-whirlwind arrived on Friday and devastated my lounge!
My friend Fiona came for one of our "cake days" on Friday, together with her son James, who is just able to pull himself up and toddle around. James' current hobby is to pick up EVERYTHING that he can reach and chuck it over his shoulder. Made for an interesting afternoon, and I have to say that leaping up and down to move things, and catching missiles must have burnt off at least some of the calories we consumed. Still, he kept us entertained by whacking himself on the head with the wooden banana in my fruit bowl and giggling! Trouble is, he thought that the harder he did it, the funnier it would be. Fortunately, he didn't cry for TOO long.I spent a great weekend with my family in Norfolk, we went to Hunstanton on Saturday afternoon - it was sunny but still very breezy. No, actually, breezy is an understatement, it was blowing a gale. All the better for the kite fliers and wind surfers though. On Sunday morning, we headed off to a huge car boot sale to support Sarah and Jess who had a table there. At least the wind had died down and it was really sunny. I managed to avoid coming back with a load of tat (why is other people's rubbish so much more interesting than your own??)Anyway, the girls had a very successful day!

In the afternoon, we did a bit of gardening, Dad planted the tray of pansies he'd bought at the car boot sale. You can never have TOO many pansies, can you. Here's the gardener in action ....
And here's the foreman, checking that he's planting them in the right place, and the correct way up ........
There might not be any pictures, but I did some gardening too, honest.

It was a lovely weekend, and it was good to know that I could relax as I'm up-to-date with my homework!


  1. I will not feel guilty about giving you homework!!!! Not much anyway.

  2. I think i've seen a more flattering photo of our dad, but the girls look great

  3. Hi Jill,

    I said I would write to you and here I am. Anyday now I'm going to be a grandma and can't wait. Seeing your pics has made me even more excited and looking forward to having my own mini mayhem. He's so cute. Sharonx

  4. Congratulations Sharon! Has it happened yet??