Sunday, 31 May 2009

Long time, no see

Oh dear, I've got a lot of catching up to do!! I had a lovely week in Cornwall, staying at Durgan, a little hamlet just south of Falmouth on the estuary of the river Helford. Weather was variable, but at least we didn't get rained on - and although it was windy, the sun shone some of the time, so we were able to go for some lovely cliff top walks.I made some 'beach art' - inspired by Stonehenge ....And then we came across this wedding on the beach - it looked a bit like a Jack Vettriano painting!

One day we met up with my sister and brother in law at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, which was lovely - we seemed to walk for miles - the rhododendrons were beautiful..............We were unable to identify this unusual plant at the time (although we were able to discount the suggestion made by a non-gardener amongst us that it could be a fuchsia) It turned out to be a Crinodendron hookerianum, or Chilean Lantern Tree. So now you know.And we saw this baby bunny - who was too little to realised he was supposed to be frightened of us, so we managed to get quite near. My sister does love a baby bunny!From there, we went to Mevagissy and had a cream tea (I managed to only have ONE the whole week!) and a walk around the harbourAnd then on the Wednesday we went to St Ives - where I had an unfortunate incident with a seagull, about five minutes after we got there. No, he didn't nick my ice cream (although we saw one do that), he just deposited his previous meal on my clean jeans. It's supposed to be lucky. All I can say, is that HE was lucky I didn't have an airgun with me. (It washed out)

We watched a Coast programme that evening (presented by that handsome scottish bloke with the hair), and it turned out that they were able to scientifically prove that the light IS special at St Ives. Apparently it's down to a combination of little pollution, being surrounded by the sea, and the very pale sand which reflects the light. So that's why all the painters flock there.

I am seriously considering becoming an MP, just so that I can get a second home down at St Ives, paid for by the tax payers. Trouble is, everyone says I'm a nice, honest person, and therefore I'm unlikely to be suitable.


  1. I'm intrigued by the person who seems to be sporting wings at the wedding?

  2. Best photo is obviously the baby bunny but I might be biased

  3. Like Gina I thought that they were wings? I love Cornwall, sounds like you had a great time.