Saturday, 1 August 2015

Happy Anniversary

Just had a lovely few days in Norfolk.  My reasons for the visit were two fold.  Firstly to see this little sweetie ...
who is, incidentally, wearing her first Me-Made dress.  I'd seen reviews of the Made By Rae Geranium dress and I was all set to buy the pattern for future use, when I discovered that there's a free download version for newborns.  Perfect! - with only four pages to download and super-quick to make, so I just had time before I headed off.
It's a long time since I made something so tiny - it felt like making dolls clothes.  The fabric was a remnant from my stash, which looks and feels like Liberty Lawn - so soft.  The pattern calls for buttons on the back, but I thought they might be a bit uncomfortable, so I used the tiniest little press studs.  I'm definitely going to order the full pattern which has some sleeve and neckline variations.  Poor kid's going to be in ridiculous frocks before she knows it.

The other reason for my visit was to celebrate my parents' 65th Wedding Anniversary.
I love these old photos - check out the one bottom right - Dad is wearing stripey socks to match his tie, and my Mum appears to be wearing black gloves.  How very stylish!
We had a lovely little Anniversary tea party for family and neighbours on the day - I even made a cake.  Coconut, Lime and Cherry cake - and it was edible!  I can't believe I didn't take a picture, it's such a rare event.  Also, for some reason, I didn't get a picture of Mum and Dad together, I think we must all have been too distracted with the newest addition -
She's a very contented baby - doesn't seem to mind who has her as long as she's getting a cuddle.
Oh, and a not-infrequent snack -
You wouldn't think it's the first time Dad's done a feed in getting on for 60 years!

Congratulations Mum and Dad, with love from us all xx

Happy Anniversary - Slim Whitman


  1. What lovely photos of the proud Grandparents. Your Dad looks so comfortable feeding the baby. I'm sure he's found a job for the next few years.

  2. Congratulations to your lovely Mum and Dad. And your gorgeous little niece will look fab no matter how ridiculous her frocks are... Lucky she wasn't a boy!