Saturday, 5 October 2013


No excuses for my absence - I've just been here and there on holidays and workshops, and lost my blogging impetus.
But I'm back to tell you about my latest excursion to Yorkshire, specifically Skipton, or even more precisely - Yarndale - the woolfest that was celebrating all things 'sheepish'
I first read about it a year ago on Lucy's blog and decided that it would be an excellent excuse for a week in Yorkshire. The cosy little apartment that I'd booked was perfect - ten charity shops, a branch of Fatface, and a Thornton Chocolate Outlet shop within five minutes walk of my front door!  
And, as it was so very close to the town centre, I was able to leave my car there and walk along the Leeds and Liverpool canal and through Aireville Park to  Skipton Auction Mart.  
I knew I was heading in the right direction because of all the yarnbombing that had taken place
and the miles of bunting
but mostly by the hundreds of women all making their way in the same direction.  It was a bit like some kind of weird pilgrimage, with women from all over the country, flocking (get it?) to one place to buy yarn.  In spite of the fact that I heard lots of them say "Well, actually I don't need anything...", believe me,  they WERE there to buy wool.  And needles, and crochet hooks, and buttons and patterns and gadgets for spinning, and felting and weaving.  You name it, if was wool related, it was here.  
Did I mention the bunting?

I was very tempted to buy one of these, as they're so pretty
but I remembered that my accommodation specified "No Pets" so I resisted.
I really liked the quirky knitted picnic
and this trader's riotous use of colour -
It was a really good show, and a fantastic achievement for the band of women and their helpers who made it happen.  It must have taken months and months of hard work - so big congratulations to them all, and I'm looking forward to next year!

And what did I buy?  Oh, I didn't need any yarn; I've already got some.  

Sheep - The Housemartins


  1. Sorry I missed it, looks fantastic.( go on fess up what did you buy....) need and want two different things.

  2. I'm sorry I missed it too... but I'm thinking of all the money I've saved!