Saturday, 20 July 2013

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Oooh dear, big blog absence - no excuses, it's been hot, and I've been busy.  
So, what have I been doing?  Well, our Spectrum Textile group had an outing to the Henry Moore Foundation at Perry Green.
We all agreed it was a brilliant day out, with lots to see.  One of the highlights was a guided tour of Henry Moore's house, which was exactly how it had been when he lived there.  The Moore's didn't appear to go in for updating of furniture or kitchen appliances - choosing to spend their money on art instead.  For example, a wall-mounted can opener (very 1960's) next to an original Picasso.  I kid you not.
We had a wander through the gardens to see the huge sculptures
You only get an idea of the scale when you see someone standing next to them 

Then last Sunday, my friend Jane and I went to the RHS Flower Show at Hampton Court.  Last year we were slopping around in mud, and this year, the wellies and cagoules were replaced by summer dresses and sunhats.
So stylish - I look a bit like Audrey Hepburn after she's eaten all the pies.
The floral displays had a bit of a vintage theme going on this year ...

I managed to come away without buying any plants - just lots of ideas.  I quite fancy a Hot Chocolate rose.  
I can't really describe it, except to say, imagine mixing a mug of drinking chocolate, with a large glass of orange juice, and it would be that kind of colour.
I saw the same rose again a couple of days later at the Gardens of the Rose at Chiswell Green, near St Albans. I took lots of photos but they don't really do the roses justice, and without the scent there's something missing.

I've also done loads of heavy duty gardening, visited the chiropractor (the two may be linked),  knitted with friends, eaten more than my body weight in cake,  and had a birthday.
Oooh, I must show you one of my presents - this beautiful crocheted bunting that my lovely friend Gina made for me.
She's knows that I'm not much cop when it comes to crochet and I could never have attempted to make it myself, and she definitely chose my colours.  I love it, and it's going to have pride of place in my studio, but I need to have a bit of a sort out and tidy up before I post pictures of the bunting in situ.

If you like to see more of the wonderful things Gina makes, she's taking part in the Cambridgeshire Open Studios for the next two weekends (20th/21st and 27th/28th July)  See here for more details

Incidentally talking of birthdays, I remember receiving an email on my birthday in 2001 about a new venture by Maggie Grey called Workshop On The Web. (I only remember it was my birthday because I know I emailed Maggie back and said it sounded like the promise of a present)
It sounded really exciting - online workshops and all kinds of other articles and news about textile-y arty things.  Twelve years on, and I am still a subscriber, and I have to say that Workshop on the Web gets better and better. 
It comes out four times a year, and each edition includes at least six workshop features, an interview with a well-known embroiderer plus book reviews, details of new products and how to use them and other articles and news.  An annual subscription is £20 which is great value for money and, as a bonus,  they are currently giving away a book with each new subscription.  All the information is here and there's also a Taster for you to look at.

Finally I've been to our Embroiderers' Guild Summer Supper Party tonight (the food was fabulous as always - big thank you to the Committee) and I was lucky enough to win the table decoration, a pretty posy of flowers.  Walking back in my party frock clutching a little posy, I felt like a bridesmaid who caught the Bride's bouquet.
Oh yeah, like I wouldn't run a mile if I saw THAT coming.

Everything's Coming Up Roses - Black


  1. The bunting is so pretty, I bet it will look great in your studio.

  2. Most of all thank you for the lovely mention... and secondly for making me laugh. It was the bridesmaid image of you catching the posy that did it!

  3. Welcome back! I really enjoyed Perry Green too, even on a day when the weather wasn't very good. Bad weather? It was only lst month but seems a lifetime away!

  4. A rather late response Gill I'm afraid. A friend recently recommended a visit to Perry Green. I did visit there as a student. My lecturer was Henry Moore's niece and every year she would take the third year art students to visit him at his studio. The year I went he was away. I was so disappointed not to meet the great man, I'm still upset over 40 years later!!