Sunday, 6 October 2013


I've said it before, and this time I mean it.  I'm not growing tomatoes ever again (said with a sulky face and a pouty lip).  For the second year running, I had loads of tomatoes, but before they turned red they all went mouldy looking - I think it's tomato blight.  Anyway, I pulled the rest of the plants up today and binned them. When I think of the cost of seeds and compost and bamboo canes and Tomorite (other tomato feeds are available) together with all the effort that goes into growing the seeds and potting them on and planting them out, then tying them up, and pinching out side shoots and making sure they get fed and watered - it's be a darn sight cheaper and easier just to buy them.  

I might do beans again though - they've been very successful - I got back from Yorkshire and picked loads, some of which I've had for my tea. AND as a bonus, as I walked up the garden, something red caught my eye under one of the strawberry plants.  There were five big strawberries that somehow, despite complete and utter neglect have grown all by themselves and haven't been eaten by the birds or slugs.
Two of them are huge ....
So, if you'll excuse me I'm just off to have them with some yoghurt.  Maybe they taste horrible and that's why the birds didn't want them?

Never Again - The Mission


  1. I'm with you on this one. Garden was a disaster this year. We had a few handfuls of alpine strawberries, one miniature red pepper, about ten blueberries, five green tomatoes, and two courgettes. I planted beans twice and they were all eaten within days by pigeons both times :(

  2. Just like buses wait ages then two come along ( blogposts) We had loads of tomatoes perhaps next time neglect them , no pinching out, bought plants and all we did was water them. Just a thought....

  3. Me too... masses of tomatoes that looked really promising and they have all gone black. On the other hand... if it's beetroot you're after...