Sunday, 9 December 2012

Still Here

I'm never really sure if anyone reads this, except my Mum, but it seems they do, as I have had a number of enquiries from friends, checking that I'm okay as I've not been on here for weeks.  So I thought I'd better write a quick post to say I am still here, I've just been a bit busy. 
So, a quick summary (with pictures) of what I've been doing and making since we last met ........

Two trips to visit my parents in Norfolk, with a lovely walk along the front at Hunstanton with my Dad, just as the sun was going down.  I think it's the first time I've EVER walked along there when it hasn't been blowing a gale, you can see how flat the sea was.

Then, a weekend in Whitstable with the girls, for a bit of shopping and pottering.  We went there last year, and it was so pleasant, we booked the same cottage again.
We visited the Turner Contemporary gallery at Margate and saw these by Maria Nepomuceno

and a visit to the little Museum in Whitstable.  I really liked these pieces made with wire, they look like 3d line drawings, if that's not a contradiction in terms.

Apart from that, I've been beading.  

Good job I took a photograph of my little beaded flower, because I've lost it.  I remember where it was for ages, then I put it somewhere safe, and now I can't remember where it is.  I guess it will turn up sometime.

I made a cover for a photograph album, for my Mum's birthday, using vintage fabrics and buttons
I made this dress ....
I made the version with the full length sleeves, but they are VERY full and although I really like the dress, it's a bit too, er, 'sleeve-ish' so I think I am going to chop them off and make short sleeves instead.  
It's not my usual style at all, but I tried on a Ted Baker dress in a similar style and fabric (as a dare from a friend while we were out shopping) and although I really liked it, I wasn't prepared to pay that amount of money for a frock, so decided to make my own.  THAT way, if it languishes unworn in my wardrobe, it'll only have cost me 20 quid instead of 200.
Next, I made a skirt from a pattern in the Sew Serendipity book .  I like the style, and loved doing the frills, but not quite sure about my fabric choice.  If all else fails I can always cut it up the back, add ties and it's an apron!

We had a meeting of Spectrum on Wednesday - it was touch and go whether we got there due to the weather, but as we had all made things for our shared Christmas lunch, and as you know, I don't cook lightly, I braved the journey.  I'm glad I did, because by the afternoon it looked like this

We are planning our second exhibition for early 2014, and we needed to be 'on the way' with our first piece.  Which means more than just an idea in our head.  So, as I am working on wearable art, using fabric that I've printed myself, I thought I would get the first pattern sorted.  I drafted the pattern for an eight gored skirt, that flared out quite a bit at the bottom.  I thought I would try the pattern out for size, using some odd bits of  of curtain and upholstery samples that I'd been given years ago.  But, when I tried it on I decided I liked it, so I put a zip in it and tacked the hem. The girls at Spectrum seemed to like it, but when I tried it on again at home in front of the mirror, I decided that the combination of the upholstery fabric, and the flared out shape of the pattern, meant that I looked just a little bit like a standard lamp.
Not to be daunted, I tapered the pieces, and rehemmed it, and now, not only do I like it, but I've already worn it.  My first 'wearable muslin'!
I know why I was thinking 'lampshade' - it's because a week or two ago I had made this
using vintage linens again. Quite pleased with it, but if I made another one I think I'd line it in white cotton, to diffuse the light a bit more.
Oh and in case anyone thinks it's a bit wicked to cut up pretty tablecloths, I only do it with the stained or ripped ones; the perfect ones stay intact, honest.
I'll try not to leave it so long next time ....

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  1. You have two readers... your Mum and me! Good to see you back on the blog.

  2. i'm here too. enjoy reading your blog. nice beading.

  3. You have four, you make me tired just reading this.
    glad you are back.

  4. Was about to arrange a search party :-). Glad to see you've been busy. And try looking in the middle drawer in your workroom for the bead flower. Probably not there but it'll probably start you tidying up :-)