Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New Shoes

In my last 'catch up' post I didn't mention what we did at Spectrum last week, apart from eating and chatting.  Gina demonstrated how to make little 'petal bags' - based on a design in this lovely book by Jenny Rolfe. 
We used black and white fabric that we had previously printed ourselves, which were then machine embroidered.  I finished mine last night
I think they may be going into our 2014 exhibition, so for once I haven't left it until the last minute to finish them.  However, the odds of me remembering where I've put them in a year's time are negligible.

I've been out shopping with my friend Jill today - and she was under very strict instructions not to let me buy any more boots.  And she didn't.  However, while her back was turned and she was busy elsewhere in the shop, I saw these. 

Jill arrived back just as I was trying them on, and I justified them by claiming that they would make good "posh Christmas slippers".  Says me, who has otherwise turned a bit Bah Humbug recently.  In case you wondered what particularly drew me to them, here's a close up.
As you can see, very practical, and highly appropriate for a woman of my years. Not.


  1. Your bags are lovely. Your new slippers are very you.

  2. The little bags have turned out beautifully... and like Angela, I think the shoes are very 'you'