Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas Everybody

In the post-shopping and present-wrapping frenzy I've had a few productive interludes.  One of my friends asked me if I'd help her with her new hobby - crochet.  I agreed to help, despite the fact that I've only had one lesson myself and haven't picked up a hook for over a year.  Anyway, I had a quick practice, and in that time, and the four hours we spent together drinking tea, chatting; - oh and eating our way through a packet of chocolate biscuits - I managed these,
Enough for a cushion when I get round to stitching them together.
The following day I met the girls for our last coffee and knitting session of the year.  We met on Friday morning, and on Thursday at 9pm one of our number suggested we do a Secret Santa.  Nothing like being prepared, is there.  Of course, being the clever, resourceful women that we are, we all turned up with appropriate gifts and everyone seemed pleased.  I for one was delighted with my pressie - handmade festive lavender bags -
much too beautiful to only been seen at Christmas!
This afternoon I've been reading my friend Gina's blog with my Mum, who asked the question that all of Gina's readers want the answer to "Where does that girl get all her time from?"
So, not to be outdone, we decided it wasn't too late to make mince pies of our own.  Obviously we crafted our beautiful pies from pastry, made from scratch, and homemade mincemeat
And despite much rummaging in Mum's kitchen drawers, we couldn't find a star cutter so had to improvise.
(excuse the state of the baking tray, it was clean when we started)
Anyway, they turned out ok, and for asthetics, I decided to sprinkle them with a little icing sugar.  Except I was a bit heavy handed and a flurry of snow turned into a minor avalanche.
They tasted ok though, and after visitors this evening, half of them have gone already.
I'm afraid I can never aspire to be a domestic goddess like Gina, but that won't stop me having the occasional dabble.

Anyway, sorry I've been a bit of an irregular blogger recently, and even worse at replying to comments, but I really am delighted when I get them, so thank you, and I like to say ....

Have a very Happy Christmas xx


  1. And a very Happy Christmas to you Gill.
    See you soon. Take care. x

  2. Wishing you a very happy Christmas Gill. Your mince pies look lovely and I'm sure they tasted wonderful.I think perhaps in January I should blog about all the stuff I don't do!

  3. Crochet them together, much neater.
    Merry Christmas to you, too.

  4. I love your granny squares I think I've got enough to make my blanket now. The mince pies look lovely. I did make one batch and made the pastry they turned out very nice. Hope you had a good xmas and I wish you a happy new year.