Wednesday, 8 February 2012

She's The Queen

I WAS intending to give you a mini preview of our Spectrum exhibition, now that it's all beautifully hung.  However, having taken loads of photographs I inadvertently left my camera there.  Fortunately one of the girls realised it was mine and I will be reunited with it on Saturday.  In the meantime, can I suggest you head over to Gina's blog as she managed to take pictures AND remember her camera.  (I guess that's why she's in charge)
So instead, I'll tell you where I've been today .....

It's a lovely exhibition, with some familiar photographs and a lot that I'd never seen before. Plus some other artefacts, such as an affectionate letter from the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, to Cecil Beaton, thanking him for a book of photographs that he had taken of her family over the years.  I think this photo of the Queen, taken in 1945 when she was still a young Princess, is one of my favourites.  
The exhibition opens tomorrow and runs until 22nd April.  Well worth a visit.
Following a link from Jane, I went to Own A where, for a donation you can buy and name one  of over 16 million colours.  I went for a lurid pink shade - and named it Gilly Pink.
Gilly Pink is the name of an Art Van Go ink, which is also, incidentally, named after me!  I guess that's my 15 minutes of fame then.
Oh, and in case I haven't mention it, I hope to see some of you for tea and cakes on Saturday.

She's The Queen - Starflyer 59

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  1. Sounds like a lovely exhibition... almost as lovely as ours! I've just found a recipe for homemade heart shaped custard creams which I might just have to make for Saturday... I won't use Gilly Pink icing though.