Sunday, 12 February 2012

Cups and Cakes

What a lovely afternoon!  There were lots of beautiful and delicious home made cakes
and our best china ...
and once we had set everything out in readiness,
we just had to keep our fingers crossed, that in spite of the cold, people would come.  And they did!
We had a steady flow of visitors all afternoon, who said very encouraging things - and (big excitement) I even sold two pieces of work.  I managed to stay calm, although really I wanted to jump up and down.  Actually I probably should have done, it might have burnt off a few calories from the cakes.  In case you wondered, I went for the jacket instead of the cardie - on the basis that I could wear the cardigan anytime, whereas this jacket has limited 'wearability'! 
So a very big thank you to Gina, our bossyboots bully mentor, for her advice, encouragement and organisation, and to Viv and Kev at Art Van Go (Art Suppliers to the Stars) for letting us host our Tea Party in the gallery, and to all of the lovely guests who came and stayed to drink tea, eat cake, and who said such nice things about our work.  
As my Mum said this morning, my sister Linda would have loved it - and she'd have been equally as excited as me that I sold something.  I so wish she could have been there - but then who's to say that she wasn't?

Cups and Cakes - Spinal Tap


  1. It was a lovely afternoon and it is no surprise that you sold your work. Linda would have been very proud of her big sister. I'll try not to be so bossy in future (but can't promise)

  2. Once again, well done all, congratulations on selling I am not surprised. I am sure Linda was looking down and feeling very proud of her sis.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and is was lovely to meet you and put a face to the blog. Congratulations on your sales, well deserved.